Gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma What are the characteristics

By | April 7, 2012

Gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma What are the characteristics, the stomach is extranodal non-Hodgkin's lymphoma is one predilection site, the incidence is rising, a large number of studies suggest that Hp infection and gastric lymphoma (MALT, especially low-level lymphoma) is closely related. Hp can take advantage of flagellar swimming in the viscous liquid quickly, and through a variety of gastric epithelial cell adhesion molecule with a solid combination of specific receptor, so that Hp in gastric emptying quickly through the thick of the straw before the liquid layer, to the stomach mucosa, and long-term sojourn disease. Normal gastric mucosa does not have fully developed lymphoid tissue with lymphoid follicles, and only in the gastric mucosa infected with the case of Hp, Hp as an antigen to mucosal lymphoid tissues from scratch, from benign to malignant, the lymphocytic gastritis (LG) and hair MALT lymphoma, MALT lymphoma tumor cell proliferation is through contact by the T cell-mediated mechanisms to achieve.
Gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma What are the characteristics, the majority of clinical onset hidden, slow development, the main symptoms are abdominal pain, anemia, melena, weight loss and abdominal distension and signs of upper abdominal tenderness, palpable abdominal mass, a small number of cases . Stomach locking meal radiography showed irregular widened area of gastric lesser curvature, and membrane multiple nodule under the edge of ambiguity and multiple superficial ulcers, gastrointestinal mucosal folds cried thick, curved fiber disorders, late nodules showed multiple polypoid , lumps and ulcers, CT and MRI showed a smooth circular wall of the gastrointestinal tract or small nodular thickening, intestinal MALT lymphoma can be caused by intestinal stenosis. Multiple small submucosal lesions and the coexistence of a variety of signs of the disease the most important imaging features. Endoscopic lesions more common in the gastric antrum and gastric body, manifested as ulcerative, protuberant and infiltrative lesions, multifocal, diffuse pleomorphic and sexually transmitted diseases into features. Endoscopic multiple, multi-point biopsy, deep chisel and straw membrane excision biopsy (EMR) biopsy can improve the early diagnosis of the disease. Endoscopy for the diagnosis of MALT lymphoma of the effective means.
Hp eradication, the gastric biopsy showed complete regression of tumor cells is a feature of MALT lymphoma, the majority of cases seen in this case, especially in lesions limited to the mucosa and submucosa were, stroma and tumor cells due to the disappearance of glands appear "empty," only see scattered lymphocytes, plasma cells and lymphocytes with focal aggregation of small nodules, about 10% by 2 – 6 years may relapse (and therefore long-term follow-up is necessary.) Other parts of Hp eradication of the tumor regression or recurrence of the disease, lymphoma cells were mainly restricted to submucosa, and mucosa only slightly affected, or lamina propria invasive tumor cells still see those, we recommend surgical excision. Most patients received systemic chemotherapy.
Gastric mucosa-associated lymphoid tissue lymphoma What are the characteristics, low-grade B cell MALT lymphoma, most of the clinical III, if the occurrence of spread, then spread in the stomach before the time limit, 7% – 14% occur bone marrow involvement, local treatment most curable, long-term survival rate is about 90%, some cases were not special treatment but also can survive for many years. Bulky tumor tissue appears the mother cell tumor B cells that began to lymphoma into a high-level, with the increase in mother cell components into pieces, mixed with the original low-level components, then you can name the high-level MALT lymphoma, Finally, disappearance of the original composition, all replaced by large B cells, that is transformed into diffuse large B cell lymphoma of non-specificity. Treatment should be chemotherapy.

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