What causes bladder cancer

By | December 10, 2011

Urinary bladder cancer is the most common tumors. The majority of transitional cell carcinoma. In other countries, the incidence of bladder cancer in men after genitourinary tumors of prostate cancer, ranking No. 2; in the country accounted for first. Shanghai Medical University, Institute of Urology patients, 9.5% of bladder cancer, aged 16 to 89 years, 50 years old accounted for 70% of patients, the peak age of onset was 70 years old, male patients accounted for 85% incidence of bladder cancer . Treatment of bladder cancer cases in non-natural survival is approximately 16 to 20 months, survival of those treated ranged up to several decades long. Has not yet entirely clear, more sure of are:
Bladder cancer due to (1) Long-term exposure to the types of aromatic substances such as synthetic rubber, dyes, certain drugs, photographic developer, these substances enter the body by the liver with the urine into the bladder, then wake up from the acid test of glucose enzymes break down tea into the -amino acids, it has a carcinogenic effect, can produce occupational bladder cancer.
For bladder cancer (2) smoking Recent studies have shown that smokers than non-smoking men with a high incidence of bladder cancer 4 times, smokers at home carcinogen metabolism of tryptophan increased by 50%, when the smoking stops, the color acid levels return to normal.
For bladder cancer (3) in vivo abnormalities of tryptophan metabolism in abnormal metabolism of tryptophan can produce some metabolites, can directly affect the cell's RNA and DNA synthesis. The role of metabolites excreted by the liver to the bladder, the acid test of glucose enzyme wake up after a carcinogenic effect. These carcinogenic substances in the urine of bladder cancer patients was significantly increased.
(4) prolonged exposure to the bladder to stimulate local film education, such as chronic infection, bladder stones and urinary tract obstruction of long-term stimulation, are the factors that may induce cancer. The cystitis glandularis to teach white film is considered pre-cancerous lesions, can induce cancer.
(5) drugs such as phenacetin taking a large number of drugs have been shown to cause bladder cancer.
(6) mainly refers to a serious parasitic disease of the bladder and schistosomiasis people, the incidence of bladder cancer is relatively high. Schistosome eggs in the bladder membrane lower education, chronic stimulation to bacterial infection, causing squamous or glandular metaplasia, dysplasia and eventually develop into squamous cell carcinoma.
For bladder cancer (7) chemical carcinogens: the role of the pure amine non-carcinogenic, carcinogenic substances such as dye intermediates in the l-naphthylamine, 2 – naphthylamine and associated amine, rubber and plastic in old age reaction of 4 – amino-linked base of the bladder cancer is also the role of quality human exposure and cancer cancer after an incubation period of 5 to 50 years, more than 20 years.
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