Penile cancer treatment

By | December 10, 2011

Carcinoma of the penis is not uncommon, the incidence of cancer in men accounts for a considerable proportion of the incidence of penile cancer, due to national, regional, ethnic, clan, health habits and other factors, very inconsistent. Generally low incidence of Europe and the United States, Asia, Africa, Latin America, a higher prevalence countries, and the Jewish people and Muslims in Muslim countries, the incidence rate is very low. Phimosis or redundant prepuce is the most important cause penile cancer, as phimosis or redundant prepuce, causing voiding difficulty, it is often stored in the foreskin sac urine, and because the capsule product tour smegma foreskin, the foreskin can not valgus can not wash the penis head, especially the Coronal, long-term local presence eventually lead to chronic stimulation of penile cancer. There are several penis cancer treatment options:
Penile cancer therapy 1. Surgical treatment
(1) circumcision for tumors located in the endoplasmic a smaller size and superficial persons, the majority of patients have phimosis or redundant prepuce, phimosis circumcision done in patients with early favorable diagnosis.

(2) local tumor resection for tumors confined to the glans only Coronal place or superficial and small lesions. Around the tumor resection must include 1 – 2cm of normal tissue. And radiotherapy.
(3) partial resection of the penis for larger tumors, but limited to patients with the Ministry of the glans penis, amputation of the penis should be more than 2cm away from the tumor at the base, so as to avoid recurrence.
(4) surgery for total removal of the penis larger tumors, most of the damage to the penis body, if the tumor of the proximal lateral normal penis length of less than 2.5cm, in the full cut on the basis of preoperative and postoperative radiation therapy should be with.
(5) to take inguinal groin lymph node dissection or lymph node biopsy lymph node biopsy, histological examination confirmed inguinal lymph node metastasis should be removed, if the pathology is negative, close observation followed, if the large fixed lymph nodes, estimated to be not completely clear, should be for preoperative radiotherapy.
Penile cancer treatment 2. Radiation therapy is an important means for the treatment of carcinoma of the penis, and sometimes can exceed the efficacy of surgery, but also keep the penis. Patients can self-voiding, and most patients retained physiological function.
(1) radical radiotherapy generally in good condition, local lesions in diameter 2cm, superficial exogenous, non-invasive or metastatic infiltration, per lymph node or distant metastasis. Lesions in young patients than 5cm, mild infiltration activities unilateral inguinal lymph nodes, the diameter of 2cm less radical treatment can do the penis. Such as lymph node metastasis, inguinal lymph node area at the same time to do preoperative radiotherapy, after radiotherapy remove lymph nodes.
(2) palliative radiotherapy of primary lesions larger than 5cm, near base of the penis, there is deep infiltration and involvement of adjacent structures, bilateral inguinal lymph node metastasis has been fixed or skin irritation, with satellite nodules, not fester.
(3) radiotherapy for inguinal prophylactic bilateral inguinal lymph node element, whether radiotherapy, opinions are not uniform, most do not advocate prophylactic radiotherapy.
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