What are common early signs of cancer

By | December 19, 2011

Often seen in clinical patients was already in the initial treatment of advanced cancer, while questioning a history of some symptoms are often found to have been more than a few months or even six months time, simply because no attention and no treatment, lost the opportunity to cure. Any kind of disease, the onset of the Federation on the eve of the performance of some of the signal (not the symptoms or signs.) Cancer is the same, there will be some early symptoms, if the understanding of these signals, it is possible the early detection, early treatment, thereby improving the cure rate.Common early signs of cancer are:
Common early signs of cancer (1) a sense of choking when swallowing, pain, chest discomfort Fullness, esophageal foreign body sensation, or upper abdominal pain is esophageal cancer starting signal.
(2) upper abdominal pain: chest pain in people used to call it. Usually been very good, and gradually found the stomach (the equivalent of the upper abdomen) discomfort or pain, pain services, acid drugs can not be alleviated, and there is a sense of abdominal fullness, persistent bad digestion. You should guard against gastric cancer incidence.
(3) irritating cough, or bloody sputum, and Cough: lung cancer growth in the bronchial wall, due to the growth of cancer cells, destroy the normal structure, a strong stimulation of bronchial, cough, the antibiotics, cough medicine can not be good relief, and gradually increased, with occasional bloody sputum and chest pain occurred. Such irritant cough is often seen as early signs of lung cancer.
(4) breast tumor: normal female breasts, soft quality. If you touch the lump, and more than 40 years of age, women should consider the possibility of breast cancer.
Common early signs of cancer (5), abnormal vaginal bleeding: normal women, 1 month period, usually no vaginal bleeding. Such as bleeding after sexual intercourse, the signal may be suffering from cervical cancer. Bleeding after sexual intercourse usually are small, if we can attract attention, it is possible to detect early cervical cancer.
(6) bloody nose: nose to nose in the blood mainly with a small amount of blood stained. Especially the early morning bloody nose, are often an important signal of NPC, nasopharyngeal carcinoma except bloody nose, but also often stuffy nose This is due to compression caused by nasopharyngeal mass. If the cancer eustachian tube opening pressure, ringing in the ears will appear, therefore, bloody nose, nasal congestion, tinnitus, headache, migraine in particular, on one side, the risk of nasopharyngeal cancer are occurring signal.
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