How to deal with adverse reactions after radiotherapy

By | December 19, 2011

In the treatment of cancer, we will use radiation therapy, however, radiation can cause adverse reactions in patients with the body, the following adverse reactions to the treatment of several common measures:
1) how to deal with fatigue after chemotherapy side effects
During radiotherapy, the body takes a lot of energy to self-rehabilitation. Disease pressure, a day to and from treatment, and the impact of radiation on normal cells can lead to fatigue. Radiotherapy for most people will feel tired after a few weeks, and with the ongoing radiotherapy would be more sense of fatigue. After radiotherapy, weakness and fatigue will gradually disappears. During radiotherapy, the patient should be less to do something. If you are tired, then we should be less active in his spare time, more rest. Early to bed at night, during the day may have to rest.
2) how to deal with adverse skin reactions after chemotherapy, and damage
Early stage of skin redness itching, pain, or erythema, peeling, weeks later, the patient's skin becomes dry and rough as radiotherapy. Patients with these symptoms should tell the doctor a few weeks after the end of radiotherapy, the majority of skin reactions will eliminate. Improper care can cause local ulceration, exudate, infection; late for the pigmentation of skin damage, atrophy, deep fibrosis; radiotherapy in the radiation field should be kept clean, but do not scrub breaking the skin. According to early response may be appropriate to stop for 1-2 days, generally does not affect the response to treatment.
3) treatment of the skin sensitive to:
Such as skin redness, wrinkling. In some cases, radiotherapy than before the skin is slightly dark. Patients should be wary of their skin, here are some suggestions: use cold water and mild soap; let the water through the skin of radiotherapy, not friction; treated clothes do not wear tight site; Do not rub, scratch sensitive parts of grasping; Do not put hot or cold things, such as hot towels or ice packs on the skin of radiotherapy, unless the doctor suggested to do so; treatment and end of treatment in weeks, not in the radiotherapy rubbing parts of powder, skin cream, perfume, deodorant, creams, lotions and home medications, unless licensed physicians (many skin products will leave a layer of the skin, so that radiation therapy or rehabilitation may prevent); radiotherapy time and within one year after the end of radiotherapy, radiotherapy do not let the site of exposure to the sun. If you want to stay for a few minutes in the sun, we must wear a protective effect of clothing (such as broad-brimmed hat and long-sleeved shirts) and the use of sunscreen.
4) The radiation reaction and damage the gastrointestinal system
1. Acute radiation esophagitis: more common in tumors of the neck and chest radiotherapy in patients with radiation therapy in 7 – 15 days. Clinical manifestations: chest pain when swallowing, see a small amount of vomiting blood. Possible radiation esophagitis occurs when the symptomatic treatment, into the soft food, spicy food ban, severe pain when the pharynx before meals may contain 2% lidocaine solution. Drug therapy, dexamethasone 0.75 mg, 3 times a day with technology, like most of the clinical symptoms disappeared 5-7 days, do not interrupt treatment.
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