uPA system and the relationship between cancer treatment

By | January 4, 2012

uPA system and the relationship between cancer treatment, uPA system in invasion and metastasis of tumor cells play an important role in the process, thus inhibiting the system in one or more components, in theory, can achieve the purpose of inhibiting the tumor. Most of the experimental study is to decrease fibrinolysis activation of extracellular proteolytic process, typically using the following strategies: lower uPA and (or) uPAR expression; interfere with the interaction between uPA and uPAR; the direct inhibition of uPA live cases, "In addition, it can also interfere with uPAR / Vn and uPAR / integrin interactions, interference uPA system in tumor cell adhesion, migration, invasion role in promoting the process. Recently, for the uPA system a component state directly kill the tumor cells research has also made new progress.
uPA system and tumor therapeutic relationship, our study design and synthesis of siRNA against uPA transcription templates, the siRNA against uPA expression vector, and transfected the higher grade and metastasis of human breast cancer cell lines strong MDA-MB 231, by RT-PCR, indirect immunofluorescence, Western blot used to detect the expression of uPA. We observed not only in transfected cells the level of uPA mRNA and protein expression in the reduction in the level, and the transfected cells reduced colony formation in vivo, in vitro invasion of decline. Supernatant of transfected cells decreased uPA and MMP activity. The results show that inhibition of RNA interference methods the expression of uPA, can effectively inhibit tumor cell invasion.
uPA system and tumor therapeutic relationship, a lot of literature shows, uPA system and tumor growth, metastasis and other malignant process-related. uPA not only by activating plasminogen, degrades the extracellular matrix to promote tumor cell invasion and metastasis, and can be generated by way of independent flight plasminogen Mao and tumor formation. uPA system on the one hand with the ECM or cell surface proteins in other protein molecules, regulating cell adhesion and movement; the other hand, can also increase angiogenesis, promote tumor cell proliferation and metastasis. Precisely because of this, uPA / uPAR system could serve as an important target for cancer treatment, cancer treatment for the uPA system has broad application prospects.

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