Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer

By | January 4, 2012

Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, because Chinese medicine treatment in China has a long history and profound cultural background of the national foundation, which formed the theoretical system and treatment methods has its own characteristics. The same is true in the treatment of cancer, Chinese medicine and western medicine treatment is very different. Chinese medicine treatment of many advantages, it is also the current Western therapy inadequate.
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer (1) the overall view as to treat other diseases, like traditional Chinese medicine on cancer patients to be considered also from the general characteristics and not only confined to the tumor lesion itself. Cancer is a class of systemic disease lesions and body relationship exists between the unity of opposites, the incidence of cancer, development and ability of the body's anti-tumor mutual restraint, trade-offs. Local tumor foci can have widespread systemic effects of the system, for most patients, local treatment is often not achieve the purpose of cure, so treatment of cancer, not only pay attention to the elimination of the tumor lesion but also should pay attention to the whole body of anti- tumor capacity. Tumor foci in the body to eliminate or control the condition of the body can improve the situation improved and enhanced anti-tumor ability of tumor cells and inhibit the proliferation, invasion and metastasis. So the whole concept of traditional Chinese medicine treatment for cancer has important significance.
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer (2) adjustment function, improve symptoms effective, less side effects and the small western but highly targeted treatment of cancer although toxic side effects is not small. Whether surgery or radiotherapy and chemotherapy will bring some damage to the body and adverse reactions, serious and even affect the normal treatment. While in the treatment of disease affecting the body's ability to encourage healthy wasting, which is taboo in traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Although there are some side effects of traditional Chinese medicine, but under the guidance of TCM theory of ensuring reasonable drug prescriptions on the basis of efficacy can be side effects to a minimum. Therefore, the use of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer in access to certain therapeutic while not produce toxic side effects and injury trends.
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer (3) dialectical theory of governance Treatment is another major characteristic of Chinese medicine treatment, but also the highest principles of Chinese medicine treatment of cancer. For different patients, different tumor, at different stages will have different clinical manifestations, integrated all of its symptoms, signs, the traditional Chinese medicine theory of induction, analyzed identified as a "card", and this card is yes right The patients in the stage of a disease etiology, pathogenesis, disease location and performance and other aspects of high-level overview.
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer (4) good and evil doctrine of Chinese medicine, any disease, including tumor formation and development can be summarized as positive changes in the relationship between two aspects of evil. All the factors that can lead to disease can be referred to as "evil", including the outside come. Internally generated, or evils or the evil. Lead to tumor stimulate the spirit of evil in addition to adverse outside the main Qi stagnation, blood stains, toxic heat, moisture accumulation, Tanning and so on.
Characteristics of traditional Chinese medicine treatment of cancer (5) Chinese medicine source is relatively rich, relatively inexpensive surgery, radiation therapy technology and equipment conditions are higher, too many to be hospitalized for observation of chemotherapy treatment, so the total cost is relatively high. It is more convenient to use compared to traditional Chinese medicine and the price is relatively low, most patients can accept.

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