Most cancer patients die from metastasis

By | April 4, 2012

Unfortunately got cancer, the patient after surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy … … a series of difficult treatment, many patients that their disease has been cured.Most cancer patients die from metastasis:
But in fact the majority of cancer patients die from metastasis, cancer patients after discharge end of the 1 ~ 3 years is the recurrence and metastasis of high-risk, 90% of patients took place at this stage is metastasis, recurrence, leading to cancer treatment naught The. This is because the cancer patients after surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy long-term great bodily injury, low immunity, this time remaining in the body, dormant tumor cells are particularly vulnerable to the resurgence, causing recurrence.
Experts point out that cancer prevention and treatment of metastasis and recurrence in fact equally important.
Tumor recurrence after 1 year of 60%
Statistics show that: in our newly diagnosed patients with solid tumors, 2 / 3 of people have been transferred to clinical examination, and after a local treatment (surgery, radiotherapy) + systemic chemotherapy, there are still 1 / 2 patients with subclinical occult metastases, 90% of patients die within five years in the recurrence and metastasis.
According to our information: At present, China's rate of tumor recurrence after 1 year 60% died of tumor recurrence and metastasis in patients with more than 80%, while the United States and Europe over the years significantly improved 5-year survival rate is important because the doctors in addition to surgery, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, the very attention to every cancer patient psychology, nutrition, and sports rehabilitation aspects of the application of the natural, thus reducing surgery, radiotherapy after chemotherapy, the risk of recurrence and metastasis.
It is reported that the majority of cancer patients die from metastasis, tumor metastasis is a multi-step process of continuous active. Tumor cells from the primary tumor along certain channels, through the lymph, blood, cavity to the other part or parts of the formation of new metastases. And tumor metastasis while there are four major ways: local spread – continued infiltration of surrounding tissue, known as the direct spread of malignant tumors; lymphatic infiltration – to the whole of the local lymph lymphatic metastasis; blood transfer – with the blood flow to the abundance of real blood transfer of tissues and organs; cavity planting – tumor cells and chest, belly and lower part of the spinal cord cavity grow its transfer. Which infiltration and lymphatic metastasis the most common blood.
TCM: tumor metastasis and recurrence and physique
For tumor metastasis and recurrence, Chinese medicine is a "constitution, said," that different physical persons, risk of tumor metastasis is different from the characteristics and means of transfer is also different. For example, the cold, Yang and Qi are, less toxic cancer, slow transfer speeds; damp heat, yin deficiency, H.-S. persons, swelling of the toxicity of the more obvious, the transfer speed. Therefore, cancer patients should be based on physical conditioning in the consolidated, the Food and Drug treatment.
Chinese believe that the prevention of tumor recurrence and metastasis from various start, first of all is to follow the dietary restrictions of the "poisonous" and "fat" food taboos. Such as beef, shrimps, crabs, bamboo shoots category. Followed by psychological factors, the patient should remain open-minded attitude, such as breast cancer, liver cancer. For young patients, but also pay attention to housing workers can not be over as genital tumors. In addition, experts also stressed that cancer patients must be regularly reviewed, including the review of the primary lesion, tumor-related indicators review, periodic review of the indicators of sex hormones, precancerous lesions and other indicators of the review.
Recurrence and metastasis of reason?
Specificity of tumor metastasis has the following:
1. The differentiation of cancer: cancer cell differentiation generally lower the more obvious infiltration and metastasis of the earlier occurrence.
2. Be transferred organ characteristics: cancer generally easy to transfer to the blood supply to the abundance of solid organs such as bone, liver, lung, brain.
3. Of primary cancer of the mechanical stimulation: the malignant tumor, sarcoma, especially where the vessel-rich parts of the muscle contractions, visceral peristalsis, friction, extrusion and other mechanical stimuli, as well as puncture and biopsy, all contributed to the cancer cells into the blood system, have increased the risk of metastasis;
4. The body of the state: the patient's general condition is poor, or immune function, can increase the chance of cancer metastasis.
According to reports, the causes of tumor recurrence and metastasis of several reasons:
First, the characteristics of the tumor itself determined
Malignancy fast, as long as immunocompromised patients, then the cancer risk of recurrence and metastasis existed.
The second is related with the choice of treatment
Western medicine alone is often caused by injury to the patient's body for tumor recurrence and metastasis potential problems.
Third, there is no consolidation of cancer patients treated
Most hospitals after conventional treatment died of metastatic cancer patients, many patients that can sit back and relax, it is not true, even in the recovery rate of recurrence and metastasis is still high.

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