Fruits and vegetables and the relationship between colorectal cancer

By | April 4, 2012

Relationship between fruits and vegetables and colorectal cancer: Eat more fruits, vegetables, cereals really help prevent colorectal cancer? With the results of a study came out, the issue once again was placed on the desktop. The scientific community on this issue has been discussed for many years, but has not been unanimous conclusion.
Now, organized by the University of Hawaii research team once again made the issue of new research, but I'm afraid to find out the truth for all to convince is not an easy thing to do so.
The study results suggest that fruits and vegetables of colorectal cancer in men with moderate degree of protection, no protective effect for women. And such a protective effect against colon cancer is more obvious that no significant protective effect in cancer. China accounted for the majority of colorectal cancer to cancer. In addition, the cereal does not protect against colorectal cancer effect.
The results raise more questions than it can answer the question itself, much more, the researchers Abraham. Nuo Mula said.
"According to our research and other related research, men benefit from more fruits and vegetables," he said, "but this conclusion is the last of the conclusions is not guaranteed."
Relationship between fruits and vegetables and colorectal cancer: vegetables, fruits, tumor
Abraham and his colleagues investigated million adults, these people 45 years old -75 years old, the average follow-up time is 7 years. In the follow-up period, 1138 men and 972 women were diagnosed with colon or rectal cancer.
All participants must be at regular intervals during follow-up completed a dietary questionnaire.
According to the questionnaire answers, the researchers found that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, the risk of men suffering from colorectal cancer and other fellow men, a decline of at least 26%.
While women did not get vegetables, fruit and cancer relationship between the three relevant evidence.
Abraham said, it was assumed that the female hormone estrogen and the female hormone therapy to help prevent the occurrence of colorectal cancer, and if this is true, then would help explain why women can not get from vegetables and fruits were the same benefits as men.
In a separate analysis of those who are using hormone therapy data have female participants, the researchers found reduced risk of colorectal cancer this point, whether the intake of vegetables and fruits on the tumor was no difference in the results.
Results were published in the latest "American Journal of Clinical Nutrition" on.
With different studies, the conclusions are not
This study is not the first to eat more fruits and vegetables that the prevention of colorectal cancer did not benefit women in the research.
Last year, a National Institutes of Health and other agencies jointly concluded that the organization's research to eat more vegetables, but not the fruit of colorectal cancer prevention benefit men, women do not.
However, the same year, another study published in vegetables and fruits is that the prevention of colorectal cancer there is no gender distinction, men and women benefit equally.
Relationship between fruits and vegetables and colorectal cancer: protective effect of fruits and vegetables are more evident in the colon low point.
This is a problem currently is still no unified conclusion, there are still many problems can not be explained, the researchers did not identify fruits and vegetables influence on young people, which has never been studied.

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