Increased tumor cell growth

By | November 19, 2011

Tumor cells by a few and many continue to carry out the unrestricted division and proliferation, the increase in the number of tumor cells increasing the size of the tumor in the initial period can only be observed under the microscope the progressive development of a small number of tumor cells to the naked eye can see or touch to the nodules, and giant-shaped tumor mass.
Pathological tumor cells from the growth patterns observed are:
(1) the formation of papillary processes like growth common in epithelial tumors such as skin, mucous membrane and cavity;
Increased tumor cell growth (2) expansive growth, tumor volume increased to over or pressure around the organ;
(3) invasive growth, which is the biggest characteristic of malignant tumors, violations of the surrounding tissues and organs, but also identify the main points of malignant benign;
(4) diffuse growth of tumor cells are scattered in the tissue of normal cell development and co-doping.
Increased tumor cell growth, different types of malignant tumors, the growth of above 4 kinds of different ways, each with primary and secondary. In general, the tumors over time, the volume gradually increases, or even go through the lymph, blood and other parts of the body cavity to the transfer, the formation of cancer spread.
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