Diseases caused by stomach cancer

By | November 19, 2011

Clinical study found that the diseases caused by stomach cancer is more and more, causing common gastric diseases are the following diseases:
Cause gastric disease 1. chronic atrophic gastritis
In the early 20th century, people had recognized that chronic gastritis may be associated with gastric cancer. Endoscopic and pathological examination revealed a high incidence of gastric cancer is very common among the CAG; CAG's a good site with gastric cancer, especially in well-differentiated intestinal type adenocarcinoma consistent predilection sites;
Induced gastric disease 2. Gastric ulcer
Gastric ulcer on the question whether the cancer has been more controversial. Views gastric ulcer cancer have been proposed over a hundred years. Gastric ulcer and gastric cancer predilection sites are concentrated in the pyloric antrum and small side; on the part of patients followed up for gastric ulcer proved to have cancer; have prompted the stomach may result from changes stains War.
Now that the incidence of gastric ulcer cancer is very low, less than 2% -3%, may be related to the Ministry of ulcer edge teach Films repeated bad health and regeneration, regeneration of epithelial teach atypia showed obvious correlation. When gastric ulcer patients should be alert to the following symptoms: The positive symptoms did not improve medical treatment, or delayed healing of ulcer were; rhythm without complications and the pain disappeared and effective drugs for treatment of failure of the original; weight loss; continuous positive fecal occult blood test. The above conditions, shall be carried out early endoscopy and biopsy.
Cause gastric diseases 3. Gastric polyps
Cancer rate of gastric polyps associated with the type of polyps, hyperplastic polyps of the cancer rate does not exceed 5%, and adenomatous polyps of the cancer rate is about 40%, multiple polyps of high malignant transformation rates than single polyps. Cancerous adenomatous polyps in the high and low rates were papillary adenoma, papillary tubular adenoma and tubular adenoma. Cancer rate of gastric polyps and polyps is also related to the size;
Cause gastric diseases 4. Remnant stomach
Survival in patients with benign lesions reported after each vary. Generally believed that 20 years after suffering from cancer (including cancer, bile duct tumors, membrane adenocarcinoma, lung cancer, breast cancer) risk of 4-5 times higher than normal. Remnant gastric cancer can occur in subtotal gastrectomy the remnant stomach, but also can occur in a simple gastrointestinal anastomosis, simple perforation repair or after vagotomy full stomach. Predilection for gastric stump cancer is anastomotic site, but can also occur in the remnant stomach filled. The incidence of gastric stump cancer and the way the first operation. Remnant stomach and duodenum after children generally similar to the incidence of gastric cancer.
Remnant gastric cancer may be related to the following reasons: poor nutritional status of the remnant stomach, was low-acid state of gastrin (gastrin) secretion decreased, the protective mucus less easily lead to atrophic gastritis and intestinal epithelial dysplasia metaplasia, which is the remnant of the most important cause of gastric cancer. bile, membrane fluid and intestinal fluid reflux aggravated, accelerated chronic atrophic gastritis, intestinal metaplasia and dysplasia formation. after gastric surgery to reduce stomach acid, is conducive to growth and reproduction of bacteria in the stomach, nitrite rubber, and other carcinogens to promote the synthesis. epilepsy after gastrectomy marks, stitches on the remnant stomach irritation. In short, the stomach surgery to change the stomach's normal anatomy and physiological functions, so that more exposure to stomach cancer, under the effects of tumor promoters, when the body's immune function, the remnant gastric cancer can occur.
5. Pernicious anemia
Pernicious anemia is an autoimmune disease, past has long been considered a terminal cancer condition. The disease is often accompanied by internal factors and in patients with vitamin a; lack of gastric body atrophic gastritis, gastric cancer is 3-5 times more likely to normal.
Cause gastric diseases 6. Huge wrinkled temples disease mucosa (Menetrier disease)
Menetrier disease of the stomach and plasma proteins from the huge loss to teach film wrinkle Fan, occurs in men over 50 years of age, clinical manifestations were abdominal pain, edema and hypoproteinemia. Recent studies suggest that the disease and Hp infection, Hp protein loss after radical operation can be reduced. Menetrier past few reports of gastric cancer patients, it has to be included in pre-cancerous state. However, some scholars disagree that the previous diagnosis of Menetrier disease is not strict, but in some cases of gastric cancer had stomach surgery, can not rule out the relationship between gastric cancer and gastric stump.

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