If I send money out how to do not receive the drug?

By | May 9, 2012

About the safety of consumers in that you can be assured.
First: because the bank transfer is now generally arrive in real time, you just fill in the correct remittance (payment amount, payee name, bank card number and date) is not the error occurred.
Second: We are the formal business of the non-profit hospital is the contract and keep credit unit will not divert money to help cure patients.
Third: You keep Exchange finished good money after payment receipt issued a single and immediately notified by telephone medicine staff of the Department, the staff, after verifying the funds will normally arrive within half an hour completed promptly notify the express mail sector delivery, usually two to three days the city can send medicine to your door.
Fourth: The hospital's commitment to a way of risk and transportation, purchase of medicines you foolproof security

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