Online sales are reliable?

By | May 9, 2012

With the rise of the Internet continues to develop people to order goods or products online, the last few years the rise of the online ordering drugs, quite stylish. There are many online pharmacies selling prescription anti-cancer drugs, and the preaching of its anti-cancer efficacy of magic, which I do not know this is illegal, the state law expressly provides: Pharmacies can not practice, and not allowed to sell prescription drugs, if you really need prescription drugs, must generally be a doctor's prescription before they can sell, which is national security to protect the people taking the medication requirements.
According to the survey show that more than 60% of patients each year there is the phenomenon of improper medication, and patients die each year and therefore are also many of the country after the current focus of supervision and crack down on objects. But unfortunately due to profit-driven regulatory loopholes and the Internet is difficult, many small pharmacies to patients without prescription drug recommended taking serious damage to the interests of patients and drug safety. Serious violation of the state to divide drugs into prescription drugs, non-prescription and prescription drugs can be purchased by a doctor's prescription and taking of laws and regulations. Follow-up treatment for patients with increased risks of insecurity.
For your health and drug safety, cancer experts advise you: sure to go to regular medical institutions to determine treatment options and purchase of drugs. Hospital treatment of cancer has many years of experience, and there were eleven professional medical consultation, so that each party to put drug safety and efficiency first, many patients through our careful treatment of the tumor significantly reduced or disappeared Some even if tumors did not disappear but, people with cancer to live together without incident phenomenon, into the recovery period. Especially those who, why I bought a lot of anti-cancer drug, and no less money to spend and the patient's condition or still do? Should have a good think of.

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