How to predict colorectal cancer liver metastases

By | January 1, 2012

How to predict colorectal cancer liver metastases (1) CEA (carcinoembryonic antigen) expression: colorectal cancer cells is their secretion of CEA related antigens, mainly for large colorectal cancer after radical dynamic monitoring of blood CEA levels. such as significantly increased have liver metastases should be considered, but part of the same or metachronous liver metastasis of peripheral blood CEA levels are not increased or normal levels, our experimental and clinical study found, and this is CEA expression in cancer tissues related to the type Even very high concentrations of CEA in cancer tissue, such as the CEA expressed in cytoplasm and near the basement membrane side, the more blood there is a corresponding increase in CEA, if expressed in luminal cells located in the cavity and the top edge is opposite. Therefore, in recent years to explore the molecular biology level, using RT-PCR method to qualitative and quantitative determination of the dynamic changes CEAmRNA to improve the sensitivity and specificity, so as to detect micrometastasis of colorectal cancer and prediction of liver metastases provides a new way.
How to predict colorectal cancer liver metastases (2) PGE2 C prostaglandin E2) detection: Colorectal cancer is now known to secrete the highest capacity of prostaglandin Pat tumors. For other tumors 1.7 – 5.2 times. PGE2 is an immune factor. Can inhibit the body's humoral and cellular immune function, so its participation in and promotion of colorectal cancer, liver metastasis development and plays an important role, so much attention in recent years, more reports of clinical studies have been made more consistent conclusion, PGE2 can inhibit the patient's immune cell activity; peripheral blood of colorectal cancer group, PGE2 levels than normal control group was significantly higher, the transfer of peripheral blood PGE2., significantly higher than non-metastasis group. two tumor venous blood (V) were higher than those associated with arterial blood (A); metastasis V / A ratios were significantly higher than non-GM luxury group. Metastasis based on V / A ratio increased significantly. To clarify the primary foci of this large amount of PGE2, thereby inhibiting the local immune function, resulting in cancer cell to break through the first defense mechanism. To the occurrence of liver metastasis to create a good micro-environment.
How to predict colorectal cancer liver metastases (3) Angiogenesis: the growth and metastasis of solid tumors must depend on the formation of new blood vessels. Rich tumor angiogenesis is a necessary condition for the development and proliferation, recent studies confirmed that colorectal cancer do vascular density and liver showed a significant positive correlation.

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