Colostomy in colorectal cancer

By | January 1, 2012

Colostomy in colorectal cancer, when the lower colon, rectum or anus, or need to stop the loss of normal function of normal function, the implementation of colostomy. Inflammation, such as intestinal obstruction caused by diverticulitis, a colostomy common indications. Colostomy because of various problems the terminal rectum, or unsuitable for manure can not be allowed to pass, had to make another fecal excretion and the export of expediency. The quality of life for the patient, this should be regarded as the worst of last resort and as such, the surgeon must not be taken lightly and should be cautiously treated. Excellence so that patients in the last resort, to obtain the best possible colostomy. Colostomy in colorectal cancer, to minimize the psychological burden and pain of life and inconvenience. Surgeon should and can do is make a proper position, without any complications stoma.
Colorectal cancer in the colostomy, colostomy is established in the abdomen colon bowel exports. Resection of lesions in the colon are usually implemented after colostomy. Colostomy can be temporary and can be permanent. Surgery under general anesthesia, the patient is in deep sleep, and loss of pain. Incision in the abdomen, removal of lesions of the colon. The health section of the proximal colon pull the abdominal wall and sutured to the skin. Place an adhesive around the opening of fecal bags (colostomy device.) Then close the abdominal incision. 90% of the colostomy is a success. After surgery, the anal relaxation and contraction, the patient will feel pain, medication can be mitigated. To avoid the tension is too large, use stool softeners. Avoid any bowel movement or defecation due to increased abdominal pressure. Hot water bath can also relieve pain. Depending on the different intestinal lesions in the first few weeks after surgery or months, may be imposed a second surgery to remove the colostomy and re-bonding colon.

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