How the treatment of lung cancer surgery

By | December 25, 2011

How to treat lung cancer surgery? Surgery for lung cancer treatment has been 60 years of history. Early lung cancer cure rate has reached 80% -90%. With the development of surgical methods have the ability to protect our growing lung. Especially in recent years to the cardiovascular surgical techniques used in lung cancer surgery, the surgical treatment of lung cancer has been further developed for patients with vascular invasion angioplasty can be done to ensure complete resection of lung cancer. As technology advances, surgical treatment of lung cancer has become the preferred method and the basic means of comprehensive surgical treatment based on to be widely used in clinical, so that surgical treatment has been significantly improved. Surgery to treat lung cancer, surgical treatment is generally accepted principles and as thoroughly as possible removal of metastatic foci, but also maximize the retention of lung function. According to the specific circumstances of the patient may choose a different surgery. The main methods of surgical resection of lung cancer with lung-shaped mold removal, lung resection, lobectomy, pneumonectomy bronchial angioplasty, angioplasty plus bronchoplasty, lung and chest wall resection and chest wall involvement and the reconstruction of the so-called ultra-radical surgery and so on. In recent years, with the equipment development and thoracoscopic surgical techniques advance, it can be video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery for lung cancer staging and even surgery.
Surgery to treat lung cancer, whatever the surgical approach, the most important thing is to complete resection of foci. Complete resection should meet the following points:
* Removal of all known lesions;
* All surgical margin examination no cancer;
* Each major lymph node regions farthest negative microscopy;
* All lymph node metastasis in the envelope, that is no film outside the violations.
Therefore, the need for mediastinal lymph node dissection. Only in this way can accurate knowledge of cancer metastasis and metastatic lesions cleared the specific situation, thus facilitating the analysis of the prognosis, and contribute to the development of adjuvant treatment programs, to extend the survival of patients. Therefore, the mediastinal lymph node dissection is the standard an integral part of lung cancer surgery.

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