Follow-up of breast cancer

By | April 6, 2012

Breast cancer follow-up (a) of the follow-up purposes
1. Through a summary of follow-up data to verify the appropriateness of treatment.
2. Observe the recovery of patients, the therapeutic effect of short and long term, sum up experience and improve the quality of care.
3. To keep abreast of patient's condition after discharge, guiding patients to accelerate recovery.
Breast cancer follow-up (b) follow-up content
1. breast cancer within 1 year after surgery, outpatient review every 3 months and follow-up; the first 2-year follow-up after about 1 time every six months.
2. Review should pay attention to history taking, review of medical records, with particular attention to postoperative radiotherapy and chemotherapy and endocrine therapy drugs and medication life. Note chest wall incision physical examination, bilateral axillary and bilateral subclavian and contralateral breast lumps in order to identify whether there is local recurrence.
3. Routine blood, liver and kidney function, abdominal B-ultrasound and chest X-ray (or chest CT) examination, simultaneously CEA, CA125 and CA15-3 and other tumor markers checked.
4. If recurrent, should record the first site of recurrence or metastasis as well as the time from surgery; make recommendations for further treatment of their choice or ask the relevant departments for reference consultation.
5. Follow-up should also pay attention to the quality of life, such as the daily diet, ipsilateral upper extremity function, whether to resume work.
6. Who have died, shall know the exact date of death and the possible causes of death, understanding the disease or with breast cancer die of unrelated disease.
7. All data entered follow-up information database for information analysis.

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