Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug ifosfamide Notes

By | January 23, 2012

Esophageal cancer chemotherapy drug ifosfamide Note
Ifosfamide Note (1) liver, kidney dysfunction or only one kidney patients should be used with caution or disabled.
Ifosfamide Note (2) hydration, diuretic, and application of Mesna is to reduce or eliminate hemorrhagic cystitis effective measures.
Ifosfamide Note (3) to minimize the sedatives, analgesics, anti-adhesive drugs and anesthetics group simultaneously with the IFO can reduce the central nervous system toxicity.
Ifosfamide Note (4) of the drug by injection drug concentration can not be diluted with water more than 4%, available in 200mg dissolved in 5ml water for injection for intravenous injection. If the use of intravenous fluids can be diluted into 500ml of the compound sodium chloride solution, normal saline, 5% dextrose injection or any other intravenous infusion of a similar solution, infusion solution should be as soon as possible after preparation.

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