Esophageal cancer chemotherapy side effects of ifosfamide

By | January 23, 2012

Ifosfamide adverse reactions (1) hemorrhagic cystitis. In the absence of effective protective agent Mesna urinary tract, its the dose-limiting toxicity, with Mesna, and sub-dose diuretic hydration application, hemorrhagic bladder inflammation significantly reduced or disappeared. Mesna toxic metabolites with the IFO combination of propylene wake up, play a protective role in urinary tract does not affect the efficacy of IFO.
(2) bone marrow suppression. White blood cells, thrombocytopenia. Urinary tract after the application of protective agents, bone marrow suppression have become its dose-limiting toxicity.
Ifosfamide adverse reactions (3) central nervous system toxicity. Mental confusion, drowsiness, lethargy, indifferent expression, sometimes lame transient epileptic seizures, stopping the drug may disappear.
(4), gastrointestinal reactions. Loss of appetite, nausea and vomiting.
Ifosfamide adverse events (5), hair loss and low pot hyperlipidemia.
Ifosfamide adverse reactions (6) rare transient asymptomatic liver and kidney dysfunction. If the high dose may be due to renal toxicity metabolic acidosis. Can produce phlebitis at the injection site. At high doses has been reported pneumonia and cardiac toxicity.

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