Early tongue cancer and other diseases, different tongue

By | December 21, 2011

Although early tongue cancer can be as small and limited ulceration, but not the tongue is a tongue ulcer, it should, and can cause ulceration of the tongue differentiated from other diseases.
Early tongue cancer and other diseases, different tongue (1) The tongue of the tuberculous ulcer patients with active tuberculosis more than a history of tongue ulceration can occur in any part of the tongue, ulcerated lesion size, shape very different, and tongue ulceration often occurs only in the lateral margin of the tongue side of the middle. Ulceration of tongue lesions observed carefully, we can see the tongue ulcer ulcerated tuberculous slightly protruding tongue, the edge of the soft, flat, ulcerated centers like very dark red mulberry, soft touch of the base, Yuan sclerosis. The hard edge of tongue ulceration tough, rugged center, the base hard and tough. Tuberculous ulcer of tongue less pain, and severe pain in tongue cancer and progressive increase. According to the performance of the tongue ulcer, combined with the patient's medical history, chest X-ray examination, tuberculin test, erythrocyte sedimentation rate and the ulceration at the biopsy (ie take a small piece of tissue sent to pathology) to make a differential diagnosis.
Early tongue cancer and other diseases, different tongue (2) tongue traumatic ulcer traumatic ulcer of tongue tumor stains bad shape, size, location, often with bad teeth and mouth inappropriate dentures fit, its early performance of red color, then into a dark red tongue ulcerated lesions did not like growing deeper. In addition to the bad teeth and dentures inappropriate after the ulcers will heal quickly, and if still not healed, the red light to turn on the tongue should be cut biopsy to exclude the possibility of tongue cancer.
Early tongue cancer and other diseases, different tongue (3) of the tongue ulcer, glossitis or glossitis tongue ulcer occurs when there will be ulceration and pain, but the ulcers distributed throughout the surface of the tongue or was slightly larger than the small soybean circular area, the shallow ulcers after 1-2 weeks, usually to reduce pain and ulceration, and disappear.
Early tongue cancer and other diseases, different tongue (4) tongue base, tongue base was fishbone fishbone scratch scratch events will occur tongue is not flexible, at the Ministry of trapped foreign body sensation, pain when swallowing food, such as performance, pretty close to the base of the tongue cancer early However, these symptoms usually go away after 1-2 weeks. If it lasts too long, to the hospital to be checked, remove the tongue base cancer. In short, if you find ulceration occurred in only one side of the edge of the tongue, and after treatment did not improve after 2-3 weeks, your doctor should do further examination and biopsy had.

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