Dominant mechanism of the nervous system

By | March 28, 2012

Leading role in neural mechanisms of Ji Tong, people in various social activities, information to the external environment to accept a corresponding response, which the middle of a brain process the information, and also that an individual's mental activity process. People's external behavior can be short, but due to the constant feedback transfer, people's psychological conflicts and the objective external stimuli to the psychological impact of people has continued to exist.
Particularly vicious strong stimulation, bound in the spirit of the people adversely affected, thus affecting people's physical condition, may also cause the body homeostasis. Emotional activities, will be accompanied by a complex series of physiological and biochemical changes, especially changes in autonomic function. If it is a good positive emotional state, physical and mental health can have a catalytic role in nerve function can add new human power, give full play to the potential of the body; negative emotional events would have the body to produce negative stimuli.
Leading role in the nervous system mechanism, if this emotional response is short, the spirit of the nervous system will soon be back to normal, the body's physiological and biochemical changes subsequent recovery, the body will not be affected; the other hand, if such emotions are suppressed not necessary catharsis, or continues for too long, people would be out of balance the whole mental state, autonomic nervous system dysfunction, the body affected physiological and biochemical changes can not return to normal, resulting in uncontrolled cell growth, mutation, lead to cancer.
We can see that when a person anxiety, depression anger, heart rate, facial flushing or pale, breathing and blood pressure increased; severely depressed heart palpitations, stomach slows peristalsis, gland secretion reduced to confidentiality and indigestion caused , extremities of blood vessels. If these autonomic dysfunction rely too strong for a long time, it may cause a variety of physical organic damage, organ dysfunction.
Leading role in the nervous system mechanisms in neurological disorders was found in experimental animal tumors occur not only early and more, and faster growth. Response to human depression caused dysfunction of the autonomic nervous system, dogs or rats with the cut vagus nerve were similar: inhibition of gastric secretion and gastric emptying time extended to promote the N-methyl-nitro or methyl nitrate muscle cubs and other gastric adenocarcinoma induced by bile.

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