Common clinical symptoms and psychological reactions

By | March 28, 2012

Common clinical symptoms and psychological reactions (1) pain: pain is a common symptom of cancer. The severity of pain depends on the tumor location and invasion of normal tissues and scope of oppression. Expansion of the nerve endings or the mass of neural stem by stimulation or repression, there may be local irritation, throbbing, burning pain, pain or radiating pain, often unbearable, particularly at night becomes more apparent. Pain can increase the fear and anxiety in patients, but also affect appetite and sleep, affecting their mental state.
Cancer patients in severe physical pain is rare, most of the fear of pain. Some patients complain of pain because of fear of loneliness, but in fact hope that other people care about, and some because of too much attention to physical symptoms and reduce the pain threshold. Que mentality of pain and will have great relations, and therefore in determining the nature and extent of pain in patients when the analysis must consider the mentality of patients.
Common clinical symptoms and psychological reactions (2) the appetite dropped: Most cancer patients have loss of appetite. System of the body due to tumor invasion of the physiological and biochemical changes, especially the more obvious changes in the digestive system, the appetite of cancer patients in this early stage of involvement. The appetite for sex change. Not ignorant of the first to eat after eating discomfort, decreased appetite, food tasteless and the performance of the system involved, discomfort, is the stomach and intestines and the secretion of digestive juice. Subsequent loss of appetite more and more obvious, to sharp drop in level.
Loss of appetite in cancer patients until the sharp decline, and the patients cited fears of cancer anxiety and depression. Some patients with weak, hear my suffering from cancer. As was a heavy blow, as anxiety and depression, a rather sluggish, depressed, do not think Tea Food, and with the changes in the course of time become more and more severe disease. Because the burden of loss of appetite caused by patient, the language should be to enlighten, encourage patients to strong food and nutrition, and enhance the confidence to overcome the disease.
Common clinical symptoms and psychological reactions (3) weight loss, fatigue: This is an important clinical patients with malignant form of their nutritional intake because on the one hand bleeding disorders or concurrent infection and disease on the body increasing consumption, the other party and some were Diagnosis of malignant tumors suppressed under the weight of income. Depression weak all day and not eating, listlessness, and lead to weight loss, lack of light, loss and courage to fight disease and perseverance.
Common clinical symptoms and psychological reactions (4) Fever: Fever is one of the most common symptoms of malignant tumors. Some tumors produce toxic substances, foreign body hormone, tumor necrosis, perforation and infection are fever Department of reasons, but people often easy to overlook the psychological causes of fever.
As the patient had heavy psychological burden, emotional over-stress, fear can not be admitted after the cancer, causing fatigue, dizziness, poor appetite, insomnia, systemic failure, resistance to the attached, the autonomic nervous system dysfunction, loss of balance in the central regulation of body temperature caused by fever, body temperature usually 37.5 C or so. The body temperature influenced by emotional factors. Mental stress and temperature can be raised after the event, rest and calm can be restored after the temperature is, such patients receiving psychological treatment is better.
After the psychological status of patients with fever is more complex. Cancer early, unexplained fever is an important signal. Patients are often mistaken for influenza, small problems like cough, is not necessary to the hospital, just to eat some cold drug withdrawal, the problem can be solved, due to psychological paralysis and delay early diagnosis and treatment of tumors found in the heat of the same mass of pain, Patients will have bad luck imminent, serious illness of the trillion. Sustained high fever, affects the central nervous system function, coma, speech broadcast and other mental jump to panic symptoms, should be taken to fever, sedation, the frightened and other emergency facilities. Cancer patients often low heat for a long while thinking of putting a heavy burden, a thermometer to be afraid to get measured body temperature, so flustered at the shaking, cold sweats. Postoperative rehabilitation process, patients with a re-transfer of heat and fear of relapse. If this is just a general review after the fever, nothing to do with cancer, patients often expressed doubts that the doctors in the trick himself, not only for doctors and nurses, but there are not other people around a sense of Qian.
Causes of fever in cancer patients have cancer, the factors themselves, but also, like normal people suffering from other diseases, such as bacteria, viruses, infections caused by fever. In such cases we must first identify the reasons, do not rule that advanced cancer can not give up the necessary treatment.
Common clinical symptoms and psychological reactions (5) Bleeding: blood accounts for 7% -8 human weight%. Blood is a symbol of life. Bleeding, life is no guarantee, especially in understanding cancer patients. Of course, some patients with lower educational level, when the body is bleeding somewhere, thought it was cancer in the discharge gas, gas from the blood and go, cancer is expected to recover, this idea is not correct.

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