Cause of renal cell carcinoma and performance

By | April 11, 2012

Cause of renal cell carcinoma and performance, renal cell carcinoma, also known as renal cell carcinoma , excluding the renal pelvis, renal calices cancer. Now that sounded from the kidney cells of the proximal renal tubular epithelial cells, the common type of organization are:
granular cell carcinoma. are like carcinoma or spinning Chung cell carcinoma. In addition to cancer, the common there are renal cysts, renal wrong sentence tumor, adenoma and so on. clear cell and granular cell carcinoma of mixed type.
(A) the incidence and causes of kidney cancer accounts for human malignant tumors> '4% -3%, the most common kidney cancer. Tumors in the urinary tract, its incidence second only to bladder cancer, accounting for 12.39% -15%. Etiology of kidney cancer is not clear, some people think there is some genetic relationship. Smokers renal pelvis cancer and bladder cancer incidence rate than non-smokers is higher, indicating that the long-term stimulation with carcinogenic substances have a certain relationship between the tobacco smoke carcinogens found in a plastic 111 Nokia nitrate may be satisfied explain the different types of tobacco use among the reasons for the increase in renal cell carcinoma.
Kidney cancer etiology and performance (b) Early clinical symptoms and signs are not clear, therefore, difficult to find, encourage those who seek treatment out, most of the following situation.
1. Hematuria when the tumor invasion of renal Meng, calyceal hematuria can occur when the majority of attacks were intermittent, urine color is dark red, sometimes with slender strips of blood clots.
2. Pain accounts for about 50% of the tumors grow because of increased tension of the renal capsule, such as haematuria: ureter solidified into a cord-like, with the urine can cause renal colic.
3. Lumps about 1 / 3 of patients with lower back or upper abdominal palpable mass. Hematuria, flank pain and lumps appeared little chance to triple his symptoms, but if the same time there is often a sign of late.
4. Varicocele occurs most often in the left spermatic vein for the tumor suppression effect to supine does not disappear after the varicose vein is characterized.
Cause of renal cell carcinoma and performance, 5. Kidney fever with renal manifestations are common manifestations of renal, kidney, after cutting the body temperature returned to normal. Anemia may be associated with frequent loss of blood cancer toxins or more induced hematuria. About 15% of patients with renal cell reversible liver dysfunction. Lung function returned to normal after surgery, the liver dysfunction is not a contraindication to kidney surgery.

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