Cancer patients can not be pregnant, fertility

By | April 1, 2012

Cancer patients can not pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding issue is young women concerned about cancer patients. On this issue should have a correct understanding.
Before the cancer patient is not cured, and definitely not pregnant. If the cancer found during pregnancy, should promptly terminate the pregnancy. If the approaching childbirth, abortion or cesarean section should be, and immediate treatment of cancer, in order to ensure peace and healing the mother.
Cancer patients can not be pregnant, fertility, pregnancy will not only affect the cancer patient nutrition, physical strength, and body during pregnancy, endocrine and immune function changes can promote cancer cell growth, or even recurrence and metastasis of cancer is not conducive to treatment and rehabilitation of cancer patients . Meanwhile, the application of anti-cancer drugs can also cause miscarriage, premature delivery and fetal malformation.
Therefore, from a medical point of view, should not discourage pregnant women fertility of cancer patients. Although breast cancer, choriocarcinoma better treatment, cure is entirely possible, however, have to be cured of cancer 5 years or more, do not check the sign of recurrence and metastasis, and normal reproductive function of patients who, with the approval of a doctor agreed to only after considering pregnancy fertility.
On the issue of breastfeeding, if the cancer discovered during breastfeeding should stop breastfeeding. The reason is that breast-feeding can increase not only the patient's nutritional consumption, lower body, and breast-feeding also make changes in hormone levels, adverse treatment of cancer patients.
Cancer patients can not be pregnant, fertility, the other, even completely cured of cancer patients more than 5 years of pregnancy, in order to reduce the burden on the mother, avoid breast-feeding hormone levels in adverse effects on physical rehabilitation, it is best not to breast-feeding. Cure for breast cancer patients in particular, due to pregnancy and lactation are likely to lead to cancer recurrence, should be cautious.

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