Cancer is how to generate

By | April 7, 2012

Cancer is how to generate, and modern molecular biology that cancer is a multi-stage development process, in each of us human cells, both oncogene, that is, everyone has the potential for cancer. But in general, cancer genes in a "sleep" state. At this point the body maintain normal state, once this gene in the human body, "wakes up", that is, a human cancer, and want it to "sleep" state is difficult. So, how cancer genes "wake" it?
The results show that the process includes at least two phases: start-up period and the promotion period.
How does cancer, and many chemical, physical factors can produce changes in human cells start effect. Occurred in the starting role in the promotion, the role is usually started in turn, causes cellular changes within the cell to further promote the occurrence of irreversible changes, between these two phases can be separated for a long period of time. These chemical and physical factors that ultimately makes the long-term stimulation of gene activation in cancer cells and "wake." Therefore, the key to cancer prevention is not to tease the head demon, makes cancer gene never "sleep" down so as not to "wake up."
However, there are many natural chemical, physical factors that we often say that they often make carcinogen activation of oncogenes, which cause cancer gene "wake up" some of the factors that we do not know, but most are aware of The. For example, air pollution, smoking, alcohol, viral infections, poor living habits and eating habits and certain occupational carcinogens (tar, asbestos, ultraviolet, etc.), is a strong carcinogen. Long-term exposure to these carcinogens, it is possible cancer.
Cancer is how to produce, it is estimated that about 20% of men, women about 60% of cancer is affected by the food. These poor eating habits include: alcohol intake, regular consumption of salt, the brain, smoked foods and acid lipid system. Some foods can produce aflatoxin mold, can produce a strong cell-induced diet food additives and pigments, there are also carcinogenic. Therefore, the commandment touch less war, consumption of these carcinogens, it is possible to significantly reduce the incidence of cancer of the word.

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