After treatment because of drug extravasation

By | January 21, 2012

After treatment of drug extravasation reason a. anatomical factors. Frail elderly patients because of hardening of the arteries and other reasons, increased brittleness of the blood vessel, lumen or blood flow slows down, if the drug into the vein, you can make the local drug concentration, or even leakage.
B. after treatment because of drug extravasation of physiological factors. When venous pressure is increased (as vena cava syndrome, or venous obstruction, and upper extremity edema after axillary surgery), if the drug by intravenous injection of limb, will increase the risk of drug extravasation. Should be avoided in limb intravenous infusion.
C. after administration of drug pharmacological factors that cause leakage. Local tissue damage and the amount of drug leakage and exposure duration. For example, high concentrations of drugs can lead to tissue damage, in order to reduce the local drug concentration, should be slow intravenous injection. But the longer injection time and the prolonged exposure to drugs and organized, so the situation must be based on the patient's vein, select the appropriate drug concentration, and in the shortest possible time to give.
D. after treatment because of drug injection site extravasation. This is a factor can be controlled by health care professionals. Injection in the elbow fossa should be avoided, because the area was difficult to find drugs extravasation. Wrist and arm nerve and muscle dirty more, choose the department's intravenous drug, may damage the nerve and muscle chamber. In theory, the best injection site is the forearm, where the superficial vein, there is enough soft tissue to prevent the leg muscle and nerve damage.
E. after treatment because of drug extravasation of iatrogenic factors. Injection of a small number of medical staff lack the experience of anticancer drugs, or drugs in the event of leakage before and after the failure to take appropriate measures. In addition, the importance of technology skilled venipuncture should be avoided at the same site multiple puncture.

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