Extravasation after administration of drug prevention

By | January 21, 2012

Medical staff must pay attention to the prevention of leakage of drug after administration to prevent the occurrence of serious drug extravasation, specific measures are as follows.
a. should be identified before chemotherapy drugs used in chemotherapy are marks of fat or non-fat trace of drugs.
b. infusion of chemotherapy drugs should get trained or qualified in chemotherapy, a program developed by chemotherapy.
c. the amount of chemotherapy required dilution of diluted drugs to avoid drug concentration is too high.
d. To ensure the smooth flow of peripheral vein, preferably the proximal end of intravenous administration to take to avoid the back and joints, due to the location near the arterial and venous muscle chamber, easy to cause permanent damage. Theoretically the injection site should be selected the following sequence: forearm, back of the hand, wrist, cubital fossa. Strong marks of irritation and development of drugs, commonly used intravenous forearm.
e. fat yield injection drugs, should withdraw venous blood to confirm whether the open. Dose rate of about 5ml/min, each should withdraw to the 2ml of blood around a liquid to determine the needle position changed, and repeatedly ask the patient whether the pain or burning sensation. Murphy tube can also be administered.
f. intravenous drugs made marks, such as saline or glucose leakage was found, they should choose another injection site (or the other side of the upper extremity, or extravasation or the proximal part of the side), avoid using the remote the same vein.
g. yield will be issued when necessary by infusion of drugs into the skin tube side, and the smooth flow of the solution together slow input.
h. If you need to use multiple drugs, should be made into non-reproductive sex; if the tumors are made of, they should be diluted into the least amount of that kind. Doses, saline or glucose between the flush pipe.
1. Combined with antiemetic agents, because part of the sedative antiemetic agent, in which patients can not tell there's any feeling of infusion site, and you should pay special attention to observe whether the swelling and other signs of drug sites.
J. of axillary surgery or superior vena cava syndrome patients should not select intravenous limb.
k. After the injection of chemotherapy drugs to saline or glucose solution after flushing pipes and needles extubation.
Extravasation after administration of drug prevention, in order to prevent leakage when intravenous chemotherapy, hair marks the injection and the strong irritant drugs, intravenous than directly into the low incidence of intravenous extravasation. Of intravenous nitrogen mustard into the law, namely:
a. the first infusion and to ensure a very smooth infusion;
b. grip hose diluted liquid top of the needle from the skin tube with a small end of town at the shy, alcohol sterilized needle injection;
c. glucose rapidly into the liquid 2 – 3min, and then returned to the original drip rate;
d. closed eye of a needle with tape (to be cut when dealing with this paragraph drop device skin tube). Diluted due to the role of nitrogen mustard for only 5 – 8min that oxidation and failure, and increase its irritating, so after the drug solution must be injected within 2-3min.
Extravasation after administration of drug prevention, other tumor drugs can be made from the Murphy tube red people.

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