Common drugs gastrointestinal reactions occurred

By | January 21, 2012

Common gastrointestinal reactions occur the drug (1) diarrhea. Lead acid (L-OHP), CPT-II, TPT ,5-FU, high dose of 6-MP and U.S. melphalan (MEL), there may be diarrhea, followed by the past there deoxy-fluorouracil (5-DFUR), Ara-C, MTX, Central cytidine (Cyclo-C), tegafur (FT-207), given UFT (UFT), HCFU (HCFU), capecitabine (Xeloda, CAPE). Diarrhea drugs are a few: HN2, BCNU, busulfan (BUS), ACTD, THP, ADM, aclacinomycin (ACM), idarubicin. DA, MMC, MIT, colchicine cool gel (COLM), VLB, TXT, DTIC, VM-26, rose tree base, PTX, PCZ, U.S. 1 Saint urinary (HU), C Mi trace (Me-GAG), mitotane (0P-DDD), An Kuang set (AMSA) and so on.
Common gastrointestinal reactions occurring drugs (2) constipation. There VLB, VCR, TXT, MIT, VDS, NVB, PCZ and so on. Vinca Bases can occur even paralytic ileus.
Common gastrointestinal reactions occurred Drugs (3) abdominal pain. There VLB, VCR, DNR ,5-DFUR, Ara-C ,6-TG, VM-26, COLM, formoterol Division Ting (FTM), MIT, C sub-plastic (ICRF-159) and so on.

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