Common drug treatment of breast cancer

By | April 28, 2012

Common breast cancer drug therapy, Chinese medicine theory, breast nodules and pain is not red, and any two veins, liver cholestasis caused by liver and gas can be used to reconcile any red, blood circulation and other drugs, such as the West Pill , Xiaoyaosan, small Kanamaru, Bak Foong Pill, aspartame tablets. Can also be placed in the bra above drugs or floppy disk, can improve symptoms and signs.
Fibrocystic breast glands for the cause of multi-line body of a relative or absolute increase in estrogen and progesterone reduced the relative or absolute, or because of the disproportion between the two, so scholars often by exogenous sex hormones, trying to achieve coordination between the re- purposes. Although this idea is some truth, but because breast fiber cystic hyperplasia in the pathogenesis has not been fully elucidated, the application of exogenous hormones difficult to get the desired results. Hormone in the treatment process can really alleviate the symptoms temporarily, but long-term use will inevitably lead to a new imbalance between the hormones. It was reported that in the application of hormone therapy, pre-existing or small cysts but a small adenoma increases. Combined estrogen and progestin can diffuse breast tissue density increases. Menopausal women before and after, but not to use estrogen drugs. Application of hormone drugs should be strictly controlled use of indications, and not long-term use, in order to avoid the generation of side effects.
Hormone drugs commonly used:
Progesterone 5mg, orally 2 times a day, starting in 10 days by the former and even serving 7-10 days. Drug in breast tissue estrogen receptor can compete with and against the role of estrogen in breast tissue to prevent the Shuinazhuliu, and has a role in cancer prevention.
Methyl testosterone 5mg, 3 times a day orally, in the first 10 days after starting, and even served 7-10 days. It also makes estrogen antagonists, long-term use may appear masculine characteristics.
Danazol 100mg, 3 times a day orally, (sometimes added to 600mg / day). This drug is anti-gonadotropin drugs can block estrogen synthesis. Treatment is often required 3-6 months of continuous use. 90% -95% of patients improved symptoms and signs, 65% -70%, the symptoms disappeared; about half of cases of breast nodules shrink or disappear. Long-term use may be reduced menstruation, amenorrhea, or slightly masculine signs, after stopping the symptoms can disappear.
Common breast cancer drug treatment. Tamoxifen 5mg, 2 times a day, and even clothes 3-6 months. This drug is a synthetic anti-estrogen drugs, but also very significant results.
The most effective chemotherapy drugs: cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, paclitaxel injection to vinorelbine, mitomycin. In addition to anti-hormone drugs, which are commonly used drugs.

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