The development of breast cancer drug treatment

By | April 28, 2012

The development of drug treatment of breast cancer in the past few years, breast cancer treatment although considerable progress has been made, but there are still many difficult clinical problem. In general, cytotoxic chemotherapy and hormone therapy as adjuvant treatment for early breast cancer is effective, can reduce the symptoms of metastatic disease, but the results were not ideal, especially in terms of prolonging life was not improved.
80 treatment of breast cancer is a major progress vinorelbine (vinorelbine), taxanes (taxanes) and the development of docetaxel, in addition to several new agents are in development stage cells. In the hormone treatment, has developed a new aromatase inhibitors and anti-estrogen drugs.
1. Tubulin inhibitors (Antitubulin)
1.1 vinorelbine
This product is semisynthetic vinblastine derivatives, vinblastine ring structure is different from the natural vinca alkaloids. This product is mainly inhibition of micro-protein aggregation, destruction in mitotic spindle formation, thereby preventing the completion of metaphase cells.
It is mainly administered by intravenous methods, dose every 1 to 2 weeks 15 ~ 30mg/m2, should short-term infusion, the main elimination by the liver, patients with impaired liver function should be appropriate reductions.
Treatment of advanced breast cancer, the product as first-line or second-line drugs, used alone has 34% ~ 41% efficiency. For those who used to anthracycline-based drugs are still there deteriorating patient condition, ready for the 20% effective, which show that the product can be used for the treatment of anthracycline-resistant breast cancer.
One of the advantages of this product is less toxic side effects, using the new dosing regimen, such as every 21 days treatment for 3 days, while use of hematopoietic growth factors may alleviate the cause of the neutral product leukopenia. This product is of low oral bioavailability, has yet to find the best oral administration program.
Study found that the goods in combination with paclitaxel dose increased, does not increase side effects. In combination with paclitaxel, should also be given granulocyte colony stimulating factor to complement the function of their blood. Doxorubicin combined with a phase clinical trials with good results, 74% of patients effectively, of which 21% of patients obviously.
Therefore, the product is valuable drugs to treat breast cancer, especially for first-line treatment of anthracycline failure. This product is good effect for less side effects, so further research will focus on the development of better tolerance of high dose oral administration of programs and the use and combination with other drugs the administration program.
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