Cantharidin consumer promotions tumor pain

By | October 30, 2011

In order to repay patients, tumor cantharidin Jingtongxiao ongoing promotions, the price greatly reduced. Buy more concessions by treatment (24 hours oncologists Tel :0531 -85060539, 400 :). Where in our hospital during the event to purchase Jingtongxiao cantharidin tumor customers can also enjoy the pain of cantharidin tumor drug elimination grant activities offer the lowest price! Do you miss the majority of patients and their families.
Jingtongxiao cantharidin tumor
Content by the main components and cantharidin, musk, Toad, Salvia, borneol and other 17 kinds of expensive move, powerful plant extracts box matrix transdermal preparation. The main active ingredients of the net content of not less than 1.73%.
Effect blood circulation, reduce swelling and pain.
The scope of application esophagus, stomach, lung, liver, gallbladder, intestines, pancreas, breast, uterus, uterine muscle, bone, early, middle and late types of cancer patients. Can be used alone, but also with oral medication, injections with the use, but also with radiotherapy and chemotherapy used in conjunction.
Usage topical.
1, patching areas: tender point and Shenque (the navel) while sticking; no tenderness point stick and Shenque tumor (ie, navel), each affixed to 2 days;
2, Usage: Sticking with warm water before or 75% alcohol to clean the patching. Open the medicine paste, the paste evenly on the inner margin of the hose after the paste.
1, pregnant women and women's menstrual disabled;
2, patching parts of ulcers, and skin allergies when the disabled;
3, when stored away from children.
Storage Sealed, in cool dry place.
Specification 100mm 123mm 4 + disinfection Cream
Approval number words Jian Shan Food and Drug Administration No. 06130297
West Ansan Jia production units Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.

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