What means the transfer of tumor trail

By | October 30, 2011

The major route of tumor metastasis trail through the body's venous system. Ability to form metastases, one depends on the anatomical distribution of blood vessels and tumor cells were diverted chance of bolt; Second, implantation of tumor cells environment and conditions.
According to the distribution of systemic venous tumor metastasis means less trail through the following several ways, the tumor cells to the body:
venous system: the first collection of tumor cells to the inferior vena cava through the right heart to the lungs distribution, as long as the venous return into the inferior vena cava can be transferred by this route;
portal vein system: the digestive system, etc. of the malignant tumor, the tumor cells intravenously and will be brought to the liver;
pulmonary venous system: primary lung or lung metastases may be due to violation of a branch of the pulmonary veins, the left heart and transferred to other parts of the body;
vertebral venous system: the spine vertebral vein system located in the cavity and outside, drawing people vertebrae, the direct head up, chest forward and back through the intervertebral foramen of the azygos vein is a branch, etc., and body surface, including skin, breast , external genitalia, and a broad rib asked the rich collateral venous anastomosis. And in its structure, these veins per valve, the physical pressure of this group of endovenous low, slow blood flow from the canal out into the vena cava system.
Patients with cough, playing wind and breath spray, etc. are likely to make a transient increase in chest cavity pressure, so when you happen to have superior vena cava system in the presence of tumor cells bolt, it is possible and upstream through its consistent support human spinal venous system. Therefore, even if there is no transfer in the lungs, they can appear skull metastasis. Thus, spinal venous system in cancer metastasis pathway trail has its special significance.
Venous collaterals and lymphatic venous anastomosis, which is important way to survive the transfer means. Animal experiments show that large numbers more than ten times the diameter of the glass capillary small ball, the same through the renal capillaries, indicating that there is considerable plasticity of the capillary. The body has a wide arteriovenous internal collateral, such collateral may be the tumor cells through the organs of the main ways. Tumor cells can plug the channels between lymphatic vein and into the blood circulation. These have been found in metastatic cancer cells within the lymph, lymph flow is blocked more likely to promote tumor cell metastasis through the lymphatic sinus to the trail. On the whole body, the lymphatic and venous channels is the largest thoracic duct, can direct people to the great vein injection, we can see that once the thoracic duct by the tumor invasion, metastasis is very easy trail.
Thus, although in theory or in the early stage of tumor metastasis lymph node metastasis and the trail points, but because of the lymphatic system and blood system has a wide range of close contact, in the late trail of lymph node metastasis and tumor metastasis are basically two ways interlinked , almost to breaking boundaries.
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