Cancer surgery drug

By | April 26, 2012

Cancer drug before surgery, 1. Fuzheng preoperative therapy in Chinese medicine to Chinese medicine to patients before conditioning, to correct the imbalance of yin and yang, you can expand the indications for surgery and reduce surgical complications and sequelae. Most of the use of preoperative administration of qi and blood, or spleen Qi, nourishing the kidney government prescription, such as the Decoction, eight treasures soup, Shiquandabutang, Bao Yuan Tang, Liu Wei Di Huang Tang, etc., or a combination of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis and treatment to conditioning.
Gastrointestinal cancer before surgery applications, training and the righting of Chinese medicine Astragalus injection, medication 7-10 days, the average total amount of 78 g crude drug use (daily intramuscular injection of 2 times 4 ml, containing crude drug 8 grams) observe the determination of peripheral blood T lymphocytes, B Lin 'bar cell percentage, absolute value, T cells, enzyme content in vinegar. Results The total number of cells before injection mortar 4884.61 619.47 soil after treatment was 6 537. 69 473.30, a significant difference (P <0.0 days after injection using Huangwa, vinegar, high levels of enzymes from the cells and the percentage of the total number of were significantly higher (p <0.01), Wong Man in the peripheral blood of patients increased the enzyme activity of T cells, while B-lymphocytes in the peripheral blood no significant differences. that Astragalus injection in patients with enhanced anti- to infection and cellular immune function.
Cancer surgery treatment, 2. Preoperative anti-cancer treatment in Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine before surgery cancer treatment aimed at controlling the development of cancer, with some anti-tumor effect of a traditional Chinese medicine preparation for the observation of preoperative treatment, then surgery pathological specimens to observe the effect of the drug. If breast cancer patients before application of colchicine stuffed plastic, so that breast tumor shrinkage, stromal reaction around the enhanced for the benefit of surgical resection. It was also reported: with 10 '% javanica emulsion administered before surgery (4-10 ml) by adding 500 ml of 10% glucose intravenous infusion, total of 6-13 grams, treatment of gastric cancer (20 cases javanica group) prior to surgery to intravenous 5-Fu (chemotherapy group) and 10 cases of gastric cancer without preoperative administration of gastric cancer 30 patients (control group) were observed for 3 groups of patients were treated in the short-term surgical and histopathological observations Brucea group showed major symptoms after treatment significantly reduced (P <0.05), while the chemotherapy group and control group no significant difference before and after treatment; white blood cell count, increase without a decrease Brucea group, on the contrary there are some cases chemotherapy group decreased no increase in 1 case.
Cancer surgery treatment for cancer, peripheral immune response observed, the performance can be seen asking for the quality of humoral immune response and germinal center lymphocyte cells Pearson (GH) responses were significantly enhanced, while the performance of cellular immunity SH (sinus tissue cell proliferation), 'pH (paracortex histiocytosis) no significant difference in reaction may javanica as an antigen to stimulate the B cell system. Within the necrotic foci Brucea group changes and necrosis were significantly higher than with chemotherapy were similar, indicating that it has some damage foci. Thus, short-term treatment before surgery had two purposes, first to retire form of cancer transformation and necrosis, that is to kill cancer cells suppression; the second is to enhance the host's immune system. These effects on the control of the disease in patients with preoperative and postoperative recovery were good.

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