Cancer drugs after surgery

By | April 26, 2012

Cancer drugs after surgery, cancer patients after surgery with Traditional Chinese Medicine, is one of the most commonly used comprehensive measures. Chinese medicine, gas consumption and easy operation wound blood, qi and blood after surgery patients usually presents both Qi and Yin deficiency or injury; or Camp David or loss and stomach disorders, if they have complications after surgery, you may be more complex syndrome, the clinical syndrome should be given according to different syndrome differentiation. Z proven tumor after surgery in patients with active treatment with Chinese medicine, can accelerate postoperative rehabilitation, relapse prevention, for a timely release as soon as possible, to create conditions for chemotherapy. Cancer patients after surgery in the medical treatment, generally have the following situations:
1. YangYinShengJin: If the patient after surgery of stomach yin big injury, body fluid loss, resulting in dry mouth, irritability, poor appetite with nausea, dry stool, light red tongue without coating embolism, which in the gastrointestinal tract surgery, In particular there is a thin tube formation, a large number of common digestive juice is lost, then a large number of YangYinShengJin must Herbal Treatment can often get better results. Commonly used drugs are: Adenophora 10-15 grams, 10-30 grams of Ophiopogon japonicus, stone solution 12 grams, Polygonatum 10 grams, TCS 10 grams, 15-30 grams of raw land, Scrophulariaceae 12 grams, 15-30 grams heterophylla, dried tangerine peel 10 grams, Zhuru 10 grams, Anemarrhena 12 grams, self-propelled J 12 grams, 15 grams were Ling, Dan 12 grams, 30 grams, etc. from Chine. Decoction taken orally, day 1, in the case of gastric tube anastomosis can lean into.
2. Spleen and Stomach: cancer patients, due to anesthesia, bleeding and surgical trauma, in particular, to be fasting after gastrointestinal surgery and gastrointestinal decompression, so that gastrointestinal disorders, there food anorexia, abdominal distension and gas, large constipation and so on. At this point you must first promote the spleen and stomach function in patients, the treatment focuses on fighting such as the spleen and stomach manifested as spleen qi deficiency alone, and not stomach, can Liujunzi Tang (Codonopsis, since the surgery, was Ling, Citrus, Pinellia, Licorice ) addition and subtraction, combined with qi of the goods, the general and mental strength can enhance the appetite; if significant post-operative abdominal distension, constipation and puzzled a few days, cut, thick, dry yellow tongue coating, then it is appropriate management gasification stagnation, Tongfu Xiere The class of drugs, such as plot real, Magnolia, rhubarb and the like, which can often be markedly in one fell swoop. If the patient was physically weak after the operation, it should be nourishing qi, open, stomach digestion of drugs, such as ginseng, sight, Codonopsis, Licorice, Angelica Salvia, malt, hawthorn, Gallus gallus domesticus, were Ling, dried tangerine peel villosum and so on.
3. Qi z solid form after the operation some patients often sweating profusely, or moving the sweating, chills, after sweating, fatigue, weakness, which was after business health disorders, not solid due to the virtual table. Expelling Qi solid form, with Yu Ping Feng San subtraction rule, if no other complications of inclusion, often to receive an immediate effect. Commonly used drugs: Wong Ying 30 grams, wind 10 grams, 10-15 grams Atractylodes, Schisandra 15 grams of wheat floating 30 "- '60 g, forging male spider (Xian Jian) 30 grams, Codonopsis 15 grams, white Gou 15 grams, 6 grams licorice, ephedra root 15 grams, water to cook 2 "- '3 times a day for 1, and even served 3-5 agents.
Cancer drugs after surgery, 4. Herbal Treatment after surgery long term:
(1) after surgery, according to the disease long-term conditioning, or intermittent treatment with Chinese medicine. Various malignancies, in the case of early lesions, limited to mucosa and submucosa, no transfer of the surrounding lymph nodes and tissues, after radical surgery, radiotherapy or chemotherapy is generally not made, the only pure Chinese medicine treatment, long-term observation. At this point, traditional Chinese medicine should be based on the combination of righting evil with the law. Righting characteristics according to different organs were treated with differentiation therapy, such as lung yin deficiency type, and many more mainly Yin lungs; gastrointestinal cancer and stomach mostly Kent-based; breast cancer to liver and gas-based multi; lymphoma Zeyi phlegm Endometriosis based. Law of evil is to be different according to disease differentiation Qingrejiedu, live, blood of the mark, Endometriosis, phlegm dampness, qi Daozhi other prescriptions. Combination of both, the purpose is to enhance both patient health and improve immune function, but also to some extent, continue to surround and annihilate the remnants of cancer cells or cancer cells that have been active in inhibiting the growth or dormant state; to reduce or delay the recurrence time of recurrence and metastasis improve the long-term survival.
(2) after surgery for various reasons can not receive other treatment, should be the main long-term treatment with Chinese medicine, Chinese medicine should normally take 2-3 years. Syndrome according to different conditions of patients, respectively, to Qi, blood, yin, yang of the drugs, combined with anti-cancer medicine and consumer guide, qi, and symptomatic of the traditional Chinese medicine.
Cancer drugs after surgery, (3) If the disease is not early, although radical surgery has been done, but have been transferred around the lymph nodes after surgery depending on the circumstances yet to be radiation or chemotherapy, then the first treatment given to traditional Chinese medicine, to be radiation , after chemotherapy or chemotherapy is still room on the main Fuzheng evil. control the disease development.

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