Sex before the age of 17 who started susceptible to cancer

By | June 9, 2011

Sex life the beginning of time, and is usually 17 years for the sector. A survey shows that having sex before the age of 17 and 17 years after the beginning of sexual life than women, cervical cancer incidence rates vary from 5 to 12 times. Female 17 years ago due to cervical epithelial cell dysplasia, not suited to the stimulation of sperm, it is prone to epithelial cell degeneration and induces cancer.

Teenage Cervical Cancer

Teenage Cervical Cancer

The reason why more and more young women suffering from cervical cancer, the major increase in their unhealthy sexual behavior, infection human papillomavirus (HPV) related to the significant increase. Premature female sexuality, especially sexual life before the age of 17, and multiple sexual partners and the menstrual sexual intercourse, production of unhealthy sexual intercourse will increase the risk of HPV infection.
General symptoms first appeared in patients with contact bleeding, such as sex, bleeding, pelvic examination, bleeding, or irregular bleeding after menopause. With the progress of the disease, will appear vaginal increased, vaginal discharge, malodorous discharge, severe Yao Tuiteng, lower abdominal pain and dysuria, hematuria, blood in the stool and so on.

Therefore, those who have had sex over the age of 20 women, cervical cancer screening should be conducted regularly, particularly before the age of 17 have sex lives of women. Multiple sexual partners or spouses have multiple sexual partners; was checked patients infected with HPV or herpes simplex virus, sexually transmitted diseases, but also to troubleshoot.

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