Treatment of endometrial cancer

By | November 19, 2011

The degree of malignancy of cancer is early or late, and whether other organs have been transferred to the patient's physical condition and so determine the treatment of endometrial cancer. In general, the treatment of endometrial cancer are the following.
Treatment of endometrial cancer (1) Surgical treatment of endometrial cancer is the most common treatment, especially for early cancer. Surgery is generally based on tumor growth and whether other organs around the tumor metastasis, select the simple removal of the uterus or the uterus and fallopian tubes, ovaries Dengjun removed.
Treatment of endometrial cancer (2) referred to radiation therapy radiation therapy radiation therapy, the tumor with radiation, to achieve the killing of tumor cells, tumor regression purposes. The effect of radiation therapy alone, although not particularly good, but elderly patients or concomitant other diseases, due to physical weakness and can not undergo surgery too, but only radiotherapy and other treatment options. Patients with advanced clinical, general preferred radiotherapy.
Treatment of endometrial cancer (3) referred to chemotherapy chemotherapy chemotherapy, the use of toxic effects on tumor cells kill tumor drugs. Patients with inoperable or recurrent can use this method. More commonly used chemotherapy drug doxorubicin (adriamycin), JI Osaka lead, mitomycin, cyclophosphamide cool plastic, such as fluorouracil little throat. Can be used by a particular drug, can also be several in combination.
Treatment of endometrial cancer (4) the main use of progesterone hormone therapy drugs for the treatment of endometrial cancer. Its therapeutic effect may be gradual and the promotion of tumor cells into normal cells related. Pregnancy has a major drug porcelain pay, which a pregnant turn, has been conceived from the same acid. However, this method is applied to different patients, some effects can be made more obvious, and some had no effect.
Treatment of endometrial cancer (5) anti-estrogen therapy is generally believed that the present research, too much estrogen could lead a normal endometrial cells gradually transformed into cancer cells. And certain drugs such as tamoxifen, as against the effect of estrogen has been used in the treatment of endometrial cancer. Sometimes used in conjunction with progesterone to improve the outcome. According to the specific circumstances of patients, all of these treatments can be combined to achieve to reduce side effects, improve treatment purposes.

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