The role of Chinese medicine treatment of ovarian cancer

By | October 12, 2011

    Chinese medicine treatment in patients with ovarian cancer, physical damage to the smaller, can effectively helping the recovery of ovarian cancer patients and reduce side effects of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, Chinese pay more attention in the treatment of patients taken into consideration the overall and internal organs, blood, body fluids, Meridian and many other aspects of the balance, and the exaggerated cure the disease.The role of Chinese medicine treatment of ovarian cancer, what? Usually in the early stages, mainly to attack evil and righting gas; the later stage righting the main and dispelling evil gas. There are evil Qi stagnation, two types of poisoning caused by damp dampness; is virtual is mainly for Qi and Yin Deficiency.
    Chinese medicine treatment of ovarian cancer role:
1, can reduce symptoms, improve mental state
Chinese medicine can alleviate many symptoms of ovarian cancer patients, such as pain and sadness, anorexia, cough, bleeding, diarrhea, constipation, paralysis, insomnia, loss of appetite can progress to extend the reduced sleep time passing through the occurrence of cachexia. Chinese medicine can improve the psychological status and progress of patients with physical and mental health. Some common clinical patients with advanced ovarian cancer after taking the medicine the spirit of improvement, determination and convictions increased, longer flow time, a living quality to progress.
2, with two-way adjustment function
Way effects of Chinese medicine consists of two aspects: First, biochemical and immune parameters play a balancing role is too high or too low, some of the body to correct imbalances, and thus the quality of the maintenance of a living benefit; Second, righting and cured the combination of evil, both support the strong role, but also anti-tumor effects. While the role of Chinese medicine is slow, the general effect of reducing the tumor as radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but the medicine does not have a larger and more toxic, and can do no injury is dispelling evil, righting did not help evil.
3, can regulate immune function, physical recovery of patients
Chinese medicines have a large class of drugs with a tonic effect, there is Qi, blood, yin, yang of the function of the weakness of ovarian cancer patients can progress a living quality. Clinical studies and animal experiments have proved that these drugs attenuated with radiotherapy and chemotherapy to protect the bone marrow, progressive loss of appetite, enhance strength, improve sleep and mental condition and the prevention of cachexia, anti-failure patients with end-stage cancer and other effects. Current clinical application of Chinese medicine is no longer limited to traditional Chinese medicine doctors, medicine righting, tonic effect of Western doctors are being addressed, progress of Integrative Medicine is becoming an important means of subsistence quality.
The role of Chinese medicine treatment of ovarian cancer, a lot of side effects of TCM treatment is also very small.

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