How the matter of ovarian cancer ascites

By | October 12, 2011

Common Ovarian Cancer Ascites is common in patients with advanced ovarian cancer, ascites less sense when the patient only bloating after eating significantly. Follow the progression of the disease increasing ascites, diaphragmatic elevation massive ascites that affect the heart and lung function, heart palpitations or breathing difficulties thrown up. Therefore, the ovarian cancer patients with ascites should be aware that:
(1) to be taken semi-recumbent position with massive ascites, reducing respiratory problems.
(2) common ovarian cancer ascites, prevention of infection, keeping the skin clean and dry, flat beds, to prevent skin ulceration, infection or the occurrence of bedsores.
(3) Regular measure body weight, abdominal circumference, write out the amount to provide treatment basis.
(4) limit sodium and water intake, sodium salt every day, no more than 2 grams.
(5) application of diuretic drugs, pay attention to in the application process to monitor changes in electrolytes, in order to avoid disorder.
(6) abdominal paracentesis of ascites, it should be added to the protein in the diet on the monitor.
Ovarian cancer belongs to Chinese medicine, "Zheng Jia", "will carry" category. "On to treat patients," a book's disease died waiting is: "If the product cited years, the people that thin wood, abdominal turn up, then death. … … Is not rolling their patients who die." The description and advanced ovarian cancer cachexia, ascites, mass (disorder), and the prognosis is extremely similar.
Chinese thought, the incidence of ovarian cancer is due to lack of righteousness, evil cohesion, pathology is the virtual standard. Usually in the early stages, mainly to attack evil and righting gas; the later stage righting the main and dispelling evil gas. There are evil Qi stagnation, two types of poisoning caused by damp dampness; is virtual is mainly for Qi and Yin Deficiency.
The performance of blood stasis such as: abdominal mass, hard refused to press, according to the pain and sadness. Abnormal vaginal bleeding or amenorrhea, body weight and ascites, skin, coarse and heavy, dry mouth and do not want to drink, two will be impeded, petechia petechiae tongue, pulse and other fine astringent.
Poisoning caused by damp dampness is this: the rapid increase of abdominal mass, abdominal pain and distension with ascites, irregular vaginal bleeding, mouth pain, then dark, dry tongue thick and greasy fur, slippery pulse string and number.
The performance of Qi and Yin Deficiency: belly plot block the course of time, mental fatigue, emaciation, shortness of breath, dry mouth, eat less, belly as big as a drum, abdominal or vaginal bleeding varicose context, when there is fever, red or pale red, pulse string.
For common ovarian cancer ascites, there is no good current Western medicine therapy at home and abroad, the use of albumin lost, playing diuretic needle, pumping, ascites reinfusion law treatment, although patients can temporarily relieve pain, but a temporary solution , easy to relapse, and the price is expensive. Better – relapse – treatment – better again – and then relapsed again and again, like the spooky haunt Pan Bo patients. Western medicine is best taken in a combination of comprehensive treatment program – combined with western medicine pumping water consumption taking some specialized in traditional Chinese medicines (such as swollen disease pill, Wuling tablets) to control conditioning, relapse prevention, from the fundamental solution common problem of ovarian cancer ascites.

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