Targeted gene therapy of tumor cells

By | December 9, 2011

Targeted gene therapy of tumor cells outside the glistening of the major gene is to guide people in the diseased cells to replace or coexist with the defective gene to produce normal gene products, or the leaders of antisense nucleotides, etc., inhibit the in vivo gene over-expression, to treatment of disease.
Gene therapy targeting tumor cells divided into three categories:
The first is to use suicide gene (also known as drug sensitivity gene) transfected tumor cells, using the suicide gene encoding the specific enzymes will be non-toxic drugs into harmful substances in the tumor, the tumor cell DNA replication and death can not be . Commonly used suicide gene system has a simple step marks virus thoracodorsal kinase / cell Famciclovir (ganciclovir, GCV) suicide gene system (HSV-tk/GCV), E. coli cells slightly Anhui deaminase (E.coli cytosine deaminase, EC -CD) / 5 – fluoro cells slightly Wan (5-Fc) suicide gene system, the water chest syndrome virus tumor War past kinase (VZV-tk) / Ara-methoxy -6 glanced a dorsal ridge (Ara-M) suicide gene system, and Au,
The second is by inducing or enhancing the body's immune response to kill tumor cells of the immune gene therapy. Cytokines directly into the tumor cells, the tumor cells to secrete cytokines play a role in killing tumor immune gene therapy is currently a hot topic. Currently used cytokines TT,-2INF "TNF- and other genes 21J.
The third category is antisense drugs targeting tumor cells mediated by gene therapy, or a version of it with the corresponding expression of tumor suppressor gene mutations, so that the malignant phenotype of tumor cells reversed. In addition, tumor suppressor genes can lead to human tumor cells to replace or compensate for a defective tumor suppressor gene to inhibit tumor growth.

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