What is targeted therapy of tumors

By | December 9, 2011

Advances in targeted cancer therapy can be divided into three levels based on the research, the first-class orientation (first-order target) for organ orientation, that is the target organ or tissue of the capillary bed deposition drugs; second level orientation (second-order target) for cell orientation, that is part of drugs selectively target the tumor cells without affecting normal cells; III orientation (third-order target) for the molecular orientation, namely, by cell fusion, phagocytosis, endocytosis, etc. drug guide human target cells, located in the molecule.
Mechanism of targeted cancer therapy from the stresses can be divided into three categories: The first category is the passive targeting, means the natural deposition of drug in the body, you can change the size of drug, carrier and delivery methods to complete; second category is the active targeting , uptake by target cells of active drug or drugs containing active targeting to specific cells; the third category is the physical and chemical orientation, physical and chemical methods used to achieve specific targeting.
Targeted cancer therapy, anti-tumor directed drug (also known as "missile" drugs) generally consists of two parts, one of the significant destruction of tumor cells, "warhead" and second, there is some specific carrier, which can turn " warheads "directed to the target site. "Warheads" could be chemicals, toxins or radioactive material, in recent years a number of gene drugs as a "warhead" carrier proteins generally, polymers, liposomes, lipid microspheres and monoclonal antibodies (referred to as mAbs ), monoclonal antibody targeting the active cells are active targeting a specific common carrier.

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