Surgical treatment of liver cancer

By | April 17, 2012

Surgical treatment of liver cancer clinical applications include:
large and small hepatocellular carcinoma resection.
partial liver through a variety of surgical treatment (such as hepatic artery ligation, intraoperative hepatic artery embolization, intraoperative tumor ethanol injection, or other cytotoxic drugs, liquid nitrogen cryotherapy, high-power laser vaporization, microwave treatment .)
through a variety of comprehensive treatment after surgery to create the conditions.
of subclinical re-resection recurrence and metastasis.
comprehensive treatment of the second phase after the removal of tumor shrinkage.
the treatment of liver cancer complications.
1. Resection liver cancer indication
Surgery is the preferred therapy of liver cancer, the indications are:
general condition is still good, no yellow plague, ascites, lower extremity edema or distant metastasis.
liver function is still good, transaminase and prothrombin time of normal or near normal plasma total protein 60g / L or so, albumin 30g / L above the normal clotting time.
heart, lung, kidney function was normal.
liver lesions confined to leaf or half liver, no invasion and the first and second hepatic portal and inferior vena cava.
small hepatocellular carcinoma.
hepatic artery ligation, embolization or infusion chemotherapy reduced after the lesion, the lesion confined to one side of the liver.
Surgical treatment of liver cancer 2. Resection operation choice
About nearly 85% of liver cirrhosis, so do the left lobe of liver resection and left lateral part, left hepatectomy, bear half right lobe liver resection, local resection is therefore the right lobe of liver with cirrhosis The main surgical procedures.
Surgery is best preoperative ultrasound imaging to understand the direct observation of tumor size, number, position and relationship with the great vessels. Diameter of 1 – 3cm of the tumor cut ends must be away from the tumor 1 – 2cm; larger tumors in particular, incomplete capsule or satellite nodules, then cut away from the tumor side 2 – 3cm appropriate. Right lobe of the tumor was located around the removal of those do-mode shape; located in the center who can do the surface of spindle removed; deep in the right lobe can be cut intraoperative ultrasound-guided resection of liver parenchyma and then the local district is located along the hilar tumor coated brush.
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