Rehabilitation treatment of lymphoma

By | May 1, 2012

Rehabilitation of lymphoma, (1) Rehabilitation Medicine: the incidence of malignant tumor of the slow leaching Pat, clinical symptoms vary. Lesion can be localized radiation therapy, deep lesions and more use of chemotherapy. Rehabilitation of Traditional Chinese Medicine is often in malignant lymphoma, radiotherapy and chemotherapy after the remission, to maintain the period of rehabilitation is to prevent tumor recurrence or malignant leaching Pat important measure to delay recurrence. Therefore, during remission of malignant lymphoma adhere to traditional Chinese medicine. Differential Treatment can be used, or a single herb medicine treatment, the clinical use according to specific circumstances. Rehabilitation treatment of malignant lymphoma in remission focus Kuangfu justice, replenishing qi and blood, adjust the yin and yang, increase appetite, to recuperate.
(2) nutritional rehabilitation "poison attack, and grain for the support, the five fruits in order to assist, five animals for the benefit, the five dishes for the charge, the smell of joint and service to complement the fine Qi. This is the" Su asked when the organ fat On the "high-level overview of nutritional rehabilitation. malignant lymphoma remission in patients with particular attention to nutritional problems. As related to the disease through chemotherapy treatment, which have varying degrees of gastrointestinal damage, decreased digestion and absorption of food, some patients poor nutritional status, nutrition, rehabilitation of remission is very important. So, take active measures to restore gastrointestinal function, nutrition, and promote food digestion and absorption, the key to recuperate. often eat high protein, high fat, vitamin-rich food and The use of drugs.
Rehabilitation of lymphoma (3) psychological rehabilitation: "Su asked to be as big of yin and yang," that anger harms the liver, hi sad, think of injury card, sad lungs, fear of renal injury. Impassioned internal injuries leading to internal causes of disease, but also an important factor resulting in disease development. Although malignant lymphoma by the high rate of clinical remission after treatment, survival and long. However, most patients suffering from the disease, coupled with heavy economic burden, often fear, depression, despair, and other unhealthy psychological reaction, therefore, seriously affected the treatment of diseases and rehabilitation. Therefore, clinicians in the treatment of diseases at the same time to pay attention to psychological rehabilitation of patients with medical care, to address patients psychological, spiritual, emotional and other issues and treatment of disease states that high level of awareness. Encourage patients to establish the confidence to overcome the disease.

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