Chinese medicine treatment of cancer

By | May 1, 2012

Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, Chinese medicine treatment of advanced malignant lymphoma therapy by Western medicine is better, and Chinese medicine treatment of malignant lymphoma also received a good effect. Island County, Hebei Province in 1972, the new shop area hospitals reported by Wang Ju add appropriate amount of water to cook Hedyotis 30g brown sugar, 1 dose daily, long-term use, treatment, 9 cases of the disease, clinical remission in 1 case, effective in 3 cases, 2 cases and 3 cases.
Gao report diffusa aspartate and Treatment of 41 cases, the results of clinical remission and 36.6%, effective in 22%, effective 29.3%, 87.9% total efficiency. And that the role of the two drugs in this fast time, a significant effect on the inhibition of hematopoietic tissue element. Tianjin Hongqiao District Court adopted the first anti-cancer prevention and treatment E, (Light powder 2.1g, on stone, mortar brain sand, Su oil, borax, white and the lSg, Blood, dry Rocky, Ming realgar, all exposed , entertainment, clams, water holding the 3 ravioli, frankincense, myrrh, cinnabar, trichosanthin the 60g, joint research to fine, made of mung bean size of the water pill, every 2_10 pills, 3 times a day) in the treatment of malignant lymphoma in 4 cases, , 3 results are obvious. Pan reported consumption by four things cold soup (angelica, Sichuan, habitat, the red of the Gou 109, Yuan ginseng, seaweed, Prunella the lSg, Mu-off, Paris polyphylla, Dioscorea bulbifera each 20g) treatment of 10 patients obtained better clinical effect.
Kang's treatment with a mountain of soil mixture can not tolerate chemotherapy and surgical treatment of patients, mountain soil mixture from the tonkinensis, night soil Ling, forsythia, cattle Fangzi, Bupleurum, earth mother of pearl, Lu hive, Radix, TCS, per reference, Bidens, to cotton grass, composition. With obvious stagnation of qi, plus Toosendan, Hong rubber; phlegm who add Mustard Seed, white silkworm, gall Southern Star, Pinellia; were added Picrorhiza, glutinous rice roots; tonsil enlargement plus shed bulk external profile of 4 cases, were relieved.
Chuang's method of reporting to TCM syndrome differentiation treatment of this disease, sputum Accumulation heat dissipation within the cold syndrome using pill of Shame (raw male spider 30g, earth mother of pearl, element parameters of the ravioli, diffusa, Delicious grass snake Six Valley, the vines Radix 30g, Prunella, seaweed all lSg, Hill arrowhead 9g); Han Tan Jin Danjia coagulation syndrome in a small reduction (a small saver, Pinellia, Ling received the 12g, tangerine peel ravioli, licorice Sg, soil Fritillaria ravioli, Guizhi Sg, diffusa 30g, Mustard Seed Sg); phlegm syndrome with consumption cold condensation Pills Erchen (raw male spider, diffusa the 30g, Shi Bei mother, Yuan ginseng, Pinellia, night-ling, mountain arrowhead, day Kuizi the ravioli, dried tangerine peel ravioli, Prunella, seaweed all lSg); phlegm intrinsic phlegm syndrome Pill by Qing Qi (heterophylla, Prunella , Polygonum vine the lSg, Atractylodes, was Ling, Yuan ginseng, earth mother of pearl, mountain arrowhead of the ravioli, licorice, Dan, son of the rope insertion, mulberry ravioli, raw oysters harm, diffusa each 30g) ; Han Tan syndrome within the condensate and by Yang Decoction (Rehmannia 30g, cinnamon, licorice all 3g, ephedra, Bao Jiang and 1. bolt, antler, Pinellia the ravioli, Mustard Seed Sg, Citrus 6g). A total of 12 patients treated, 91% efficiency.
Chinese medicine treatment of cancer, Xin Wen Sun reported broken by flooding marks Poisons (Tri, I surgery, peach, cinnamon, Bao Jiang, monkshood, Codonopsis, Moreover, etc.) in the treatment of malignant lymphoma, 4 cases were good effect.

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