Radiotherapy of skin cancer

By | November 18, 2011

Skin cancer is very sensitive to radiotherapy, radiotherapy alone can often be cured purpose. Usually selected in the nose, eyes, lips, eyelids, and inside and outside the border area a primary case for radiotherapy. It was reported that radiation therapy of skin cancer cure rate of basal cell carcinoma was 96.4%, 91.9% of squamous cell carcinoma. Basal cell carcinoma in particular the effect of radiation is more ideal, but good or bad effects related to the design and the radiation field. The radiation field of design and with the size and type of lesion varies. According to reports, on a smaller nodular lesions and superficial basal cell carcinoma, the use of a magnifying glass with a light source to determine the boundaries of the tumor, its only 1mm accuracy errors by 94%; of 125 cases of basal cell lesions smaller 2mm from the edge of the tumor for resection, 122 cases with pathologically proven residual cancer is not cutting edge, therefore, small lesions of the basal cell border choke removed from the edge of the illuminated area of 3mm can be achieved as the purpose of healing. However, with increasing focus, and deep tumor invasion to the surrounding scope is also expanding, particularly in the case of the boundary is not clear, radiation field away from the tumor can be extended to the edge of 2 – 3em or greater. Those associated with secondary infection and its boundaries were vague, started to expand the range of radiation field, radiation dose to reduce the radiation field and then right.
Skin cancer radiation therapy, are multi-application electronic line, the penetration depth of the organization and voltage related (2 – 15MeV). Because of its limited penetration depth, which does not affect the deep tissue and beauty. Usually applied to larger or scalp lesions on the cartilage. Frail older person if the application of low-energy photons, which may occur necrosis of bone and cartilage, and therefore rarely used.
Radiotherapy of skin cancer, skin cancer occurs in the head and face, although the plastic surgery after surgery after surgery cosmetic surgery can often solve the problem, but under conditions similar in effect, radiation does not mark the formation of epilepsy lump, twinning risk reduction or eye valgus, with the outstanding merits of maintaining the original appearance. However, radiation or radioactive burns on the previous mark based on the occurrence of epilepsy, cancer, cancer recurrence after radiotherapy or infiltration of deeper involvement of other tissues and organs, hard plaque efficacy of basal cell carcinoma who are poor. This should be treated by surgery. However, over time, can form a radiation-induced skin reactions, such as telangiectasia, pigment changes and precancerous lesions, early response was erythema, exudation, eyelash loss, and mucositis.

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