Skin cancer risk factors

By | November 18, 2011

Years of research, the main factors of skin cancer are the following:
Skin cancer risk factors (1) daily exposure and ultraviolet radiation
There is sufficient evidence to support the UV radiation, the protection of human melanoma and immune system interactions lead to skin cancer. UV skin to accept the largest part of the head, face, neck, in the department, almost all of squamous cell carcinoma of the children occurred in these areas. UV-carcinogenesis, the role may be changing photochemical DNA of the cell structure, while the activity of damaged cell surface antigen structure, reducing the body's immune function, in other cancer-promoting factors together lead to the participation of the incidence of skin cancer .
Skin cancer risk factors (2) chemical carcinogens from Percivall the first description of a good sweep of the reports issued scrotal skin cancer after 100 years, it was found that regular contact with the monument compounds, tar and asphalt workers are prone to skin cancer. Carcinogenic chemicals can be divided into two periods, began with the help of long-term. Caused by the beginning of the results to the particular substance or exposure to carcinogenic substances is closely related to the limits, its the irreversible, cell changes and heredity. Repeated exposure to long-term needs to help contact with objects, with the interval of time-related, if not exposed for a long time can still be reversed, cancer does not occur. Start with the help of long-term is very important to ask every time, there may be two results, that the formation or the formation of skin cancer.
Skin cancer risk factors (3) ionizing radiation
In the past, workers engaged in radiation, due to protective measures which result in neglect of radiation on the basis of dry skin disorders of skin cancer. Recent years due to improvements in radiation equipment and radiation technology, in particular to strengthen the various protective measures, occupational skin cancers have basically disappeared. However, some patients receiving radiation therapy, after a few years later, occurred in the radiation field can still be met cases of skin cancer.
(4) chronic stimulation and inflammation
Malignant skin tumors can occur in epilepsy mark, chronic ulcer, the formation of thin tubes, sinus area, and some Asian populations of tobacco or betel chewing habit throwing, so prone parts of the mouth or lip squamous cell carcinoma.
Skin cancer risk factors (5) Other
Stage of immune suppression: immune system dysfunction, skin cancer can occur, such as the application of immunosuppressive agents can contribute to help support the occurrence of cancer? Virus carcinogenic substances: Many viruses can cause cancer in animal hosts, in humans, many of whom nipple tumor virus subtypes can be induced skin cancer.

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