Need for standardization of cancer treatment

By | October 27, 2011

Cancer is essentially a large class of very different diseases, awareness and prevention through its many twists and turns of the road. In recent years, cancer etiology, pathogenesis, biological behavior and immunological characteristics of the study has made great progress, recognizing that even with a cancer at different stages of development and different individuals have different clinical manifestations, different treatment must be taken measures in order to achieve the desired effect.
Cancer treatment needs of physicians according to standardized requirements of the specific conditions of patients, cancer pathology, scope and development trend of violation of a planned, rational application of existing treatment, cure and improvement to maximize the quality of life. Need for standardization of cancer treatment, cancer treatment is a systems engineering, especially in patients with advanced cancer, to get a good effect, often requires collaboration with multiple disciplines to complete, the current promotion of integrated treatment.
But how comprehensive treatment of cancer and how to apply the reasonable and orderly means of various treatments available, all hospitals, all doctors have different experiences. A common bad habits that subjects preferred their physicians to know the patients received treatment until after the transfer failed or hospitals in other disciplines, often lost the best time for treatment, which patients are extremely unfavorable. Therefore, we emphasize the need for standardization of cancer treatment, reasonable, diagnosis and treatment plan, the maximum to achieve a reasonable treatment, so patients can get the best results.

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