Comprehensive Integrative Medicine Cancer Therapy

By | October 27, 2011

With the development of modern oncology, cancer treatment has made great progress, but new treatments, programs, treatment modalities after another, often dazzling, at a loss. Currently, more and more people advocating the comprehensive treatment of cancer.Integrative tumor combination therapy, that is, the body under the condition of cancer patients, tumor location, pathological type, violations range (stage) and development trends, reasonable application of a planned comprehensive variety of treatments available to maximize improve the cure rate and improve the quality of life of patients and prolong survival.
Various existing methods have their treatment of cancer indications, also have its shortcomings, in order to improve the cure rate, these should be reasonable and effective way to use each other, so treatment is more full, more perfect. Practice shows that the combined treatment is the best way to treat cancer, has been widely used at home and abroad.
Combination therapy of tumor Integrative Medicine Notes are the following:
(1) tumors with combination therapy have a Western plan to timely and reasonable, must have a clear therapeutic purposes. Many studies have shown that the majority of malignant tumors require comprehensive treatment.
(2) tumor with combination therapy in Western medicine treatment of the first way to do everything possible to achieve complete remission, and then provide enough assistance, consolidation therapy.
(3) tumor of Integrative Medicine of the relevant departments need combination therapy (surgery, internal medicine, radiation therapy, Chinese medicine and related ancillary departments) in close collaboration, give full play to the role of various treatments to reduce the adverse reaction of treatment.
(4) comprehensive cancer treatment program in Integrative Medicine is not fixed, should be closely observed in the treatment of the disease, as the disease changes, response to treatment. Timely adjustments to treatment plan, to discover and solve the treatment problems.
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