Immunology of lung cancer treatment

By | January 20, 2012

Immunology of lung cancer treatment, medical experts in recent years the world has opened up a new method of treating cancer radioimmunotherapy one by one (radioimmunotherapy, RIT).The treatment principle is the technology the most scientific and higher safety factor targeted therapy, primarily through the role of RIA in patients with tumor drugs, drug targets by locking the tumor (site), the use of radioactive isotopes within the continuous radiation, the final cause necrosis of tumor cells into patients with advanced life-giving hope.
Currently, lung cancer immune therapy drug world RIA 3, the first two are produced by the German pharmaceutical Schering's FanY – ibritumomab (zevalin)and GlaxoSmithKline production of131 I – tositumomab (bexxar).By the U.S.FDAapprovedZevalinandBexxarfor lymphoma treatment.
The world's first solid tumor radioimmunotherapy drugs one by one aesthetic Health(131shy co-embedded tumor cell nuclear antibody injection,1311 – chTNT) 92006 period was the ChineseSFDA(State Food and Drug Administration) approved for chemotherapy failure The late treatment, and inJanuary 14,2007in Beijing market.Bexxar01311- chTNT()TNTZevalinandBexxar This is thethird global RIA after drugs01311 – chTNT(aesthetic Health) by Shanghai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. U.S. enTNTchimeric antibody developed a new drug.
Mechanism of action: the role of aesthetic Health degeneration and necrosis of tumor cells in the nucleoprotein(DNAhistoneHIcomplex), the target is present in all tumor cells, tumor location and pathology is not the type of restrictions, raw aesthetic treatment of patients, drug targets for clear, specific expressionof 10%for the majority of patients with advanced molecular targeting provides new treatment options.Only2beautiful pin that students can achieve better results.
Aesthetic treatment of lung cancer immunology was born inEclinical trials, patients received intravenous injection of late or partial tumor injection, the total effective rate was 34.6%, proof of treatment is effective, but also its adverse effects can be tolerated.
tracheal stent were: for in the trachea, esophagus, mediastinal cancer caused by abuse or oppression of tracheal stenosis; esophageal not a thin set of human esophageal tracheal stent will be considered tracheal stent placement.Treatment of tracheal stenosis stent people can quickly relieve breathing difficulties, significant improvement in clinical symptoms, blood gas analysis and pulmonary function test results.3 to 5days in patients with tracheal stenosis caused by the abnormal indicators return to normal.

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