How the surgery of endometrial cancer

By | October 28, 2011

Treatment of endometrial cancer in the face of surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment, many patients with endometrial cancer will be confused, how to endometrial cancer surgery that? How to combine these treatments to the greatest possible opportunity to obtain recovery?
In principle, as long as the physical condition of patients able to tolerate, it should be accepted in the first surgical treatment of endometrial cancer, unless the patient has serious medical complications, can not tolerate surgery; or has reached a late stage, surgical removal difficult.
Endometrial cancer to surgery? First, the surgical removal of cancer of the uterus to other lesions of the transfer may have occurred, including the close proximity of the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and the surrounding lymph nodes. Through surgery, the tumor can be cured aim to eradicate, or reduce the tumor volume, to facilitate the patient's prognosis.
Endometrial cancer to surgery? Second, the surgery can correct the disease diagnosis and staging. Endometrial cancer, although most of them are made sub-diagnostic curettage, but the curettage and hysterectomy specimens after the specimens compared to pathological type and degree of differentiation of the error rate as high as 20%, and these indicators, and postoperative Further treatment and prognosis are directly related. Therefore, accurate clinical staging is to select the appropriate treatment of the security, or is likely to lead to excessive or inadequate treatment.
Endometrial cancer to surgery? Third, endometrial cancer more sensitive to radiation, so radiation therapy after surgery is the preferred secondary treatment. Control study showed that radiation therapy can reduce the differentiation of endometrial cancer patients in the local recurrence rate and improve the scores of the 5-year survival of patients. Poor physical condition if the patient can not tolerate surgery, or are unwilling to undergo surgery, then radiotherapy is the first choice. And chemotherapy, the key is poor prognosis and adjuvant treatment of patients with recurrence easy means of special pathological types of endometrial cancer, has prompted patients with distant metastasis is significant.

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