You can cure cancer hyperthermia

By | October 28, 2011

Hyperthermia is a study of the biological effects of thermal treatment of tumors of the subjects. In short, through a variety of heating technology and methods, so the body of the tumor lesions of cancer patients to a certain degree of temperature, in order to kill tumor cells as a treatment method.Hyperthermia can cure cancer it?
Hyperthermia can cure cancer it? Recent studies show that hyperthermia study, tumor cell tolerance to heat than normal tissue is poor, can kill cancer cells more than 42; high temperature not only have direct anti-tumor effect, and after inactivation by high temperature tumor cell phenotype because of its changes in the role of a vaccine, which play a special anti-tumor effect; high temperature can cause coagulation necrosis of tumor cells, when the temperature enough to cause necrosis, can lead to another form apoptotic cell death, one by one.
Hyperthermia in clinical into three categories: local hyperthermia (including superficial heating, cavity heating and hyperthermia implantation technology), regional hyperthermia (mainly referring to the heating of deep tumors, and a variety of perfusion techniques) and systemic hyperthermia. According to the different treatment temperatures in clinical hyperthermia is divided into conventional high-temperature (41-45C), curing hyperthermia (50-100c), gasification of hyperthermia (> 200C), and high temperature in hyperthermia proposed in recent years (39.5- 41.5c).
Hyperthermia can cure cancer it? Conventional high-temperature hyperthermia in the clinical application of the most widely used, mainly with radiotherapy, chemotherapy. The main equipment: heating of superficial tumors 433MHz, 2450MHz and other microwave hyperthermia; for heating deep tumors are abroad RF-8, the domestic side of SR-1 hyperthermia machines. There is a higher temperature hyperthermia, such as generating 50-100 high temperature caused by coagulation necrosis of tumor hyperthermia, such as radio frequency multiple warheads, such as focused ultrasound.

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